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WWE reportedly pulls John Cena's comeback merch after Pabst Blue Ribbon threatens legal action

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As they are wont to do, WWE planned a new line of gear for their biggest full-time star to wear when he returns from injury on May 30. We were all set to have John Cena run out to his iconic theme on Memorial Day wearing this:

But then, the folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon beer noticed some similarities to their logo (and proof Cena was aware of their design) and very publicly - if somewhat playfully - let the company know they were not amused.



Jokes aside, this puts the company in a position to potentially not have a new line of hats, shirts, wristbands, etc. to sell when the Face That Runs the Place returns to Raw in two days. Considering how much merchandise Cena moves, that's no joking matter.

Luckily, it looks like at least the matching hats just use a similar patriotic color scheme and are still for sale, even if they're still offering the other accessories in a previous blue/orange combo:

For a shirt, while the billion dollar company undoubtedly has the resources to ramp up production on a back-up design, if they decide not to expend money on that, they also have a more generic looking America-themed shirt John can salute in on May 30.

Never give up.

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