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Chris Jericho calls out ex-WWE writers, writers respond

Chris Jericho

It's not easy being a sports entertainment scribe these days.

First, Cody Rhodes fires shots at the head writers on his way out the door. Now, Chris Jericho is putting some former creative team members on blast via Twitter:

The speculation on who he's talking about began immediately, with many folks pointing to Andrew Goldstein, who was on this week's Ross Report podcast with Jim Ross. If that is who he's referring to, you have to think there's more than a little kayfabe to Y2J's Tweet, since I don't see him calling the WWE Hall of Famer (and his Podcast One co-creator) a "hack".

Goldstein's taking it in stride if it him... by throwing Cagesider Alex Greenfield under the bus:

Greeny, and others, have deflected with humor and/or "some of my best friends are Jerichos":

Don't take it personally guys, he thinks we're all stupid idiots.

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