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Cageside Live! The 'We're going DRAFTING' edition

WWE made big news this week with the announcement that SmackDown is moving to Tuesdays and going live following a roster split.

Well, here at Cageside Seats, we didn't want to miss out on the sweet, sweet internet traffic fun that comes from pretending to be Vince McMahon pretending anyone else's opinion matters. So, Geno & I are going to put on our fake General Manager's hats and split up the current roster.

We performed a virtual coin flip to see who would draft first, and produced the correct ranking for this or any possible question you could ask where the answer involves the General and myself:

1. Sean
2. Geno

Other than that, we haven't really figured out a whole lot in the way of rules or guidelines. Hopefully we'll work those out on the award-winning pre-show, but it's probably best you be ready for 10-15 minutes of bickering over what it is we're even doing.

Tune in at 1:00PM Eastern (or whenever you can fit it into your schedule via YouTube or iTunes) for that, and to hopefully find out who ends up on my Raw and Geno's SmackDown.

If you do watch/listen live, feel free to shoot us your question, comments and critiques of our roster, below or on Twitter... we'll almost certainly ignore them - but we want you to feel involved!

Before the show, be sure to check out #CSL's biggest fan/semi-official man of letters andrewmswift's mock fantasy draft here.

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