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Let's guess what this weird Tweet from WWE is all about

Earlier today (May 26), WWE's Twitter account threw this bad boy out onto the interwebs:

So... yeah.

Here's the guesses/jokes I've seen so far:

  • WWE has signed THE MONSTER MATANZA CUETO (okay, I made this one)
  • Something to do with an upcoming WWE Studios flick (Seth Rollins in The Temple? Mark Henry in Incarnate? Another "coming soon to the DVD rack at your local supermarket" classic we haven't heard about yet?)
  • A teaser for Bray Wyatt's re-heel-ified return?
  • Someone on WWE's social media team really misses Lost.

That first one just isn't true, and I'd put it 50/50 on the next two.

But then, I'm a guy who once bought into some teasers for a collector's statue and wrote like six posts on it, so, don't trust me. It's probably a Locke Stan.

What do you got, Cagesiders?

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