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Recent NXT call-ups not going to Triple H's plan; will that change with the WWE brand split?

In his role as Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, & Creative (not to be confused with his role as 14 time World champ and evil Authority figure), Triple H has been clear about his vision from performers being promoted from NXT and the Performance Center to Raw, SmackDown and the main roster.

There should be a plan in place - a vision for how the character will be used. This week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter even puts a duration on it - Hunter wanted six months worth of storyline mapped out for talent so they wouldn't float aimlessly on the big shows.

You don't have to have any inside information to see that hasn't been the case, especially for the slew of acts called up after WrestleMania 32. The tag teams - Enzo & Cass, and the Vaudevillains - seem to be okay, but in the case of the latter, Aiden English & Simon Gotch weren't informed of the plans. The duo already had flights booked to return to Orlando from Dallas/Fort Worth, since the decision wasn't made to call them up until mid-March, and they weren't informed until Mania weekend.

At this point, it's unclear if the 'Villains have a second storyline to follow their unsuccessful bid for the WWE tag belts, but they're better off than Apollo Crews. The promotion of the indy sensation was surprising to many NXT fans, since he hadn't been featured prominently in the main event on that brand and seemed like a wrestler who could benefit from more time in Developmental.

Fans weren't the only ones surprised. Crews told Springfield, Illinois' State Journal-Register:

I didn't find out (it was happening) until the Friday before that. ... It was April Fools' (Day). I thought it was a joke. But when it really hit me and I realized what was going on I just started breaking down crying tears of happiness. It was cool for me because I don't remember the last time I shed a tear of any kind of emotion. So it was cool just to see my dreams come true. ... It's the most satisfying feeling ever.

While Apollo's rise through not just WWE, but pro wrestling in general, is undeniably awesome, since debuting on Raw, he's had a program with enhancement talent faction the Social Outcasts and then...

Talent not being in the loop on plans for their characters seems to go hand-in-hand with their not being a Creative blueprint. And that lack is contributing to the very thing Triple H wants to avoid - the impression that NXT isn't creating stars.

With the upcoming brand split reportedly triggering a mass call-up, will that change? With almost two months until SmackDown debuts live on Tuesdays with a distinct roster, you'd think WWE would have plenty of time to plan. But rumors are making it sound like the post-July 19 future is being plotted on the fly. Will that leave time to create a road map for Crews, Baron Corbin or potential call-ups like Alexa Bliss or Mojo Rawley?

Management and Creative have a lot on their already pretty full plates all of a sudden. For the sake of the future, let's hope they find time to plot more of a course for the next wave of call-ups than they did for some in the last group.

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