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Sasha Banks' latest injury reportedly leads to Vince McMahon second-guessing her push

Well, this isn't good.

Former NXT Women's champion Sasha Banks has been off television for about a month now. Apparently, the first couple weeks of that were by design. WWE had plans for a big push leading up to SummerSlam where The Boss would challenge Charlotte one-on-one for the Women's title.

"Had plans" because, according to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) the concussion Banks reportedly sustained during a six-woman house show main event when referee Darrick Moore kneed her in the head may be affecting Vince McMahon's opinion of her - and therefore impacting how WWE will promote and book her moving forward.

The Observer's report is clear that they don't know the severity of Sasha's injury. WWE did not officially announce it, and Dave Meltzer & team don't seem to have information about how she's recovering. The Newsletter just says people recover from head trauma in a variety of ways, and the company is being extra careful given the publicity around the issue... especially considering how they painted themselves as trailblazers on concussions with Daniel Bryan's retirement.

What they're more clear about is how this latest injury for Banks (who was already reportedly dealing with a knee problem and has been the subject of injury rumors throughout her young WWE career) is being received by the Chairman:

The bad part of this is Vince McMahon has on several occasions said he believes Banks knows only one speed and that's all out, and even months ago was comparing her to Daniel Bryan, feeling she's injury-prone. That label isn't the kiss of death, but there does come a point where if there are too many injuries they can get leery and you never know when that point is since Vince has put the two in the same category.

Hopefully, Sasha can bounce back quickly from whatever's ailing her, and prove to McMahon she has a lower gear.

Or, as sad as it would be for a lot of her fans, if she really is at risk for serious brain or other injuries, WWE is right to protect her from further damage.

Either way, get well soon, Boss.


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