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June 8 is now NXT TakeOver: The End...

There's been a lot of speculation concerning the June 8 live special from NXT. And it's not been so much about the card, which will feature two title rematches, but about the subtitle.

Every TakeOver since the first one has had a secondary name beyond TakeOver. Similar to the old WWF "In Your House" specials, "TakeOver" is the brand and each show gets a unique identifier beyond that.

WWE still hasn't made an official announcement, or released a logo, but they've changed the show name in their match previews for the NXT title match and the tag team championship bout. And that is:

NXT TakeOver: The End...

An obvious reference to what is supposed to be a feud ender when Samoa Joe defends to the top belt in the brand against previous champ Finn Balor in a steel cage, it could also signify the last NXT show for either man.

What do you think of the name?


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