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Holding it down (a Lucha Underground preview)

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Chavo Guerrero Jr. is holding down Cage (on the mat)
Chavo Guerrero Jr. is holding down Cage (on the mat)
courtesy El Rey Network

To say last week's trip the Temple ended in controversy would be an understatement.

But love it or hate it, Chavo Guerrero has the Gift of the Gods title, and with it a chance at Matanza's Lucha Underground title at a time of his choosing.

For now.

Because, as you can see in our exclusive picture from tonight (May 25)'s new episode of LU, Cage gets a one-on-one shot at Chavito on tonight's show, with that gorgeous belt on the line. Guerrero wouldn't even have been around the match for the strap if hadn't stolen the Aztec medallion the F'n Machine earned by beating Johnny Mundo in their steel cage match.

He might have to steal something else to escape Cage tonight.

The action kicks off tonight with Famous B's still-not-that-famous client looking for a win against Joey Ryan...

...but the big storyline there may involve Ryan and his LAPD partner Cortez Castro, as El Rey's promotional materials for tonight reveals that their undercover operation into Dario Cueto might be in jeopardy.

There will also be trios action, when the champs defend their titles. We know Rey Mysterio, El Dragon Azteca, Jr. and Prince Puma are facing Jack Evans... and when the Dragonslayer is around, PJ Black isn't too far behind. Who will be their third?

See you tonight.

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