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Finally! Charlotte kicks Ric Flair to the curb

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Charlotte is setting WWE records while in the midst of an epic title reign - which covers two different championships - but there's always been something keeping her, and the Women's division, from reaching their full potential.

And that was a kiss-stealing, wheelin'-dealin' son of a gun, two-time Hall of Famer, her father, the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Well, the champ (and the powers-that-be backstage) finally decided she didn't need that crutch any longer.

In what started as a typical "champ celebrates the day after retaining" promo, Charlotte turned on her dad. With new ally Dana Brooke by her side, she told Ric and the crowd in Baltimore that she's no longer known as his daughter, but now Flair will be known as her dad.

Kicking him out of "her ring", the Nature Girl also brought up his being absent during her childhood, and turned that into a great line about how now he could watch her on television, the main way she say him while growing up.

It could have been better - Charlotte still has very little variation in her delivery, making it harder to discern lines we're supposed to react to from set-ups, and she's way too willing to engage with unruly audiences, but it got the job done.

The Women's champ can now be defined by her own actions (and those of her female sidekick) rather than the more famous man who accompanied her to the ring.

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