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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results: The Club's night off to a good start with a win over the Usos

Things got extreme in no time at Extreme Rules in Newark, New Jersey on May 22.

Jimmy & Jey Uso didn't let Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows get their stylish white coats off before they stormed up the ramp and got their Tornado match started. The stipulation meant tags weren't required, and that played meant The Club could hit their tandem moves any time, any where.

That gave us a vicious looking Boot of Doom from the apron which sent one of the Bloodline's head bouncing off the barricade. From there, it was non-stop action for the next five or so minutes. Both teams took advantage of the anything goes vibe, but when it looked like a Superkick to Anderson would leave AJ Styles buddies outmanned, Gallows had an idea.

Grabbing a ring bell, he went to deliver his finishing move to Jimmy on the metal. But Uso turned things around, laid out Luke and went up top for a Samoan Splash. But Gallows was able to dodge the move.

Jimmy landed on the bell, and Anderson had recovered. He hit the ring for the Magic Killer, and the New Japan tandem picked up the win.

What does this mean for later tonight, when a banged up Bloodline may not be able to come to Reigns' aid in the main event.

Stay tuned.

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