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Rumor Look Back: November 15 - 21, 2015

Welcome to the weekly Rumor Look Back, where we check back on the rumors from six months ago and see if they played out as predicted. Before we start with this week’s, there’s an outstanding rumor I am finally able to grade.

October 10, 2014

While Los Angeles will not host SummerSlam in 2015, rumor is they will host a major one in 2016.

The  PPV schedule for the remainder of this year has been released and they don’t host any PPV in 2016. (0/1)

OK, now onto this week’s rumors.

November 16, 2015

Vince is reportedly back and forth on Daniel Bryan. This could mean he’s considering bringing Bryan back soon.

This is a bit too vague to grade because going back and forth doesn’t imply any action. Obviously, he ended up sticking to his guns to not bring Bryan back, which looks like it may have been the best move for the Dragon’s health.

Brothers of Destruction vs. the Wyatt Family is going to remain a standard tag team match, but WWE will have at least one traditional Survivor Series match at the Pay Per View.

Yes, this is true on both accounts. The Wyatt/DestroBros match was a regular tag match, but there was one Survivor Series style match involving the tag team division on the main show and a lower card one on the pre-show. (2/2)

The Dirty recently posted a story from NXT saying Alexa Bliss is a ring rat. She denied the story on Twitter and then deleted the denial tweets for something more vague regarding her reputation.

I had not heard about this story until just this week on Cageside Live when Geno & Sean discuss Alberto Del Rio’s alleged philandering. There’s so much wrong with the Bliss stuff, from the major part of "Who the hell cares who this adult woman may or may not choose to sleep with?" to the minor part that "ring rat" implies groupie/roadie and not someone who’s an active wrestler.

Brooke Adams posted on twitter indicating she’s done with TNA.

Here’s the tweet. We soon learn that she left to start a family.

November 17, 2015

WWE Officials went into panic mode after Seth Rollins’ injury because the plan has been for a while to have Roman Reigns hold the title going into WrestleMania.

I’m very curious to what the actually Mania plans were. Perhaps a Reigns vs. Rollins vs. Lesnar match as a rematch to the eventual WrestleMania 31 main event.

What’s more is that the Rollins injury didn’t really effect plans for Mania because the top 3 or 4 matches were set and Seth wasn’t booked for any of them.

OK, I have a hard time believing that. (If true, it kills my speculation from the last rumor.) But how is not Seth not in the top four matches? Especially if the rumor of Cena vs. Undertaker were true, having those two big names tie up one match, not also giving the fact the man had been champ for half a year. And if this rumor is true, then the last one is false because there’s no need to go into panic mode if Rollins wasn’t a set part of Mania yet.

CMLL star La Sombra has no bookings set in Mexico and the luchador has been rumored to be close to a deal with either WWE or NJPW. He said recently that there isn’t any agreement in place with Vince McMahon’s company, but that being part of WWE is his ultimate dream.

He did sign with one of those two promotions and it was WWE. His new name was recently revealed. (1/1)

With TNA’s deal with Destination America over, they are reported to be back in talks with WGN America, who they supposedly had talks with after they left Spike TV.

Maybe next time for WGN as TNA landed on Pop TV. There are some rumors circulating that they may not be there for long either, though those are just soft rumors for now. (0/1)

November 18, 2015

There is one report from With Spandex that said that it was Charlotte who initially suggested using her brother Reid’s name that back and forth promo between her and Paige on Raw. However PWInsider reported it was suggested to her and she agreed. They are also reporting Ric Flair was not consulted prior.

The only thing I can find for sure is that Ric did not know about it. That he said on his podcast. If someone remembers an interview with Charlotte where she said how the idea came about, drop it in the comments and I will amend it. (1/1)

As for the angle itself, with the benefit of hindsight, I can say there was absolutely no reason to do it. Hell, they had Charlotte turned heel a month after that and Paige almost turned face. If six months later, this had lead to a major heel run for Paige, I may be able to say "OK, it wasn’t in good taste but they went somewhere with it." But they didn’t so it was controversy for controversy’s sake.

The Observer reports that the back and forth between Paige and Lana on twitter is not a work and it was "a discussion point within WWE" after it happened.

It’s so tough to tell with Twitter nowadays. If it were a work, they made up, at least at one point. Then there’s idea that some people do go out on Twitter to try to see if they can stir up an angle for themselves as

Cameron mentioned in her farewell.

It’s expected that Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger will pick up their program after Survivor Series to bridge the gap until Cena returns.

He ended up having a chairs match with Swagger (which was actually pretty good) at TLC before Cena briefly returned. (1/1)

As reported by the Observer, Destination America will be getting out of the wrestling business all together with Ring of Honor and TNA leaving their station soon.

They have not brought on any wrestling shows, though I’m not actually sure if there’s any wrestling during BBQ Pit Wars. (1/1)

November 19, 2015

According to PWInsider, there’s a lot of support for Dean Ambrose within WWE right now and a push for him to win the WWE title at Survivor Series.

Always the bridesmaid never the bride that Dean Ambrose. He didn’t win the title. (0/1)

Either way, it looks like the tournament finals at Survivor Series will be Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose.

That is true. Roman won and then immediately lost to Sheamus. (1/1)

Natalya vs. Sasha Banks may be the pre-show match at Survivor Series.

Who’s this Sasha Banks character? (She wasn’t on the Survivor Series card.) (0/1)

Dixie Carter is teasing a new deal, and it’s thought that Pop TV and WGN America are the final candidates.

Since one of the two final candidates was the station, I will grade this as correct. (1/1)

November 20, 2015

The Rock is doubtful at WrestleMania 32 next year, and that includes any appearance.

Oh, the Rock was there. I believe here was there for like 5 hours lighting shit on fire. Not to bash the Rock completely, I did watch San Andreas the other night and enjoyed it. (0/1)

Apparently the Charlotte angle came up when she mentioned something about her career being a tribute to her brother and that evolved into what we saw on Raw. There’s word that some were against the idea and they voiced that to Vince McMahon.

Many of these rumors regarding the Charlotte/Reid thing are going to be unknown. But it’s interested to see the possible path it took.

Season 3 of Lucha Underground appears to be taping in March/April of next year.

That’s correct. It must be weird to roll into a Lucha Underground taping and just randomly seeing what’s going on a year from now in season 3. (1/1)

November 21, 2015

Randy Orton’s injury is apparently serious and it’s unlikely he’ll be back for WrestleMania 32.

He ended up missing Mania and still hasn’t made his return yet. (1/1)

According to Bryan Alvarez, WWE got the idea for the Charlotte/Paige Raw promo from Charlotte’s appearance on Table for 3.

I didn’t watch that episode so I don’t know what she said on it.

The Observer notes that Billy Gunn will return to NXT after some time away to allow for the circumstances of his firing to blow over.

He hasn’t returned yet but I’ll give it another six months.

AJ Styles was never at NXT, despite rumors and fake photos floating around. The Observer has noted that he could sign with WWE if they come to him with the right offer.

Six months later and he’s in a major title feud with Roman Reigns. (1/1)


This Week: 11/15 - 73%

Overall: 823/1,565 - 52.6%

Have a great week, everyone.

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