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Tope 10: Lucha Underground (May 18, 2016)

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Each and every episode of Lucha Underground features maneuvers, quotes, outfits, props, scenes, and stories that deserve recognition. That is where the Tope 10 come in. This list shows appreciation for the moments which are more exciting than a flying tope.

If you are new to the Lucha Underground scene, you can catch it Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on the El Rey Network or buy season one and season two on iTunes. See if El Rey is available in your area. If you haven't had a chance to watch this week's episode yet, then check out the gods must be loco preview, live blog & open thread, recap, highlight package, and the Gift of the Gods main event between Aerostar, Chavo Guerrero, Joey Ryan, the Mack, Sexy Star, El Siniestro de la Muerte, and Texano.

10. Snakelike seduction

During the match, Kobra Moon tried to boa constrict Daga, but Daga's anaconda don't want none. Add her name to the list of creepy folks in the Temple. Later, she handed over the victory to Daga.

I'm not sure where they are going with this. It could be a new feud. They could be a new team, but they would need one more to be Trios championship challengers. Or maybe Kobra Moon transitions to a manager role while continuing to hone her craft. Either way, I like that they are giving meaning to two directionless talents.

9. Lance corporal Lucha Underground

Keeping the creep train rolling. Marty and Killshot got into a mini kung fu showdown in the locker room. I loved the dizzy blurred camera effect after Killshot smashed Marty's head onto the floor.

8. Chavo does it again

What an ingenious plan. Chavo fooled Cage by placing a steel washer into the medallion sack. However, I'm pretty sure the Weapon X wasn't part of Chavo's strategy.

Chavo also overcame the odds to become winner of the Gift of the Gods championship, even if the Machine recalculated his chances. It looks like Cage will get the last laugh with a match next week against Chavo, but never count out a Guerrero.

7. Mascarita Sagrada taking lumps

There is something oddly engrossing about seeing a smaller man get tossed around.

6. Engage evasive maneuvers

Pretty nifty. Dodging Texano must be a breeze when compared to whatever Aerostar faces when navigating as a time traveling spaceman. Aerostar also had a nice springboard backward dive.

5. Death Valley driver onto the apron

From Killshot to Marty Martinez. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a GIF for this one. It looked absolutely brutal. The impact led to a double nine count before they got back in the ring. Since that GIF is not to be located, enjoy one of Killshot's many kicks to the head and his accordion piledriver for victory.

4. Master of trolling-monies

As Dario Cueto introduced the Gift of the Gods challengers, he began ridiculing El Siniestro de la Muerte. He feigned confusion by asking if he was Trece or Barrio Negro. After placing his medallion in its spot, Cueto sarcastically muttered, "Spooky." At first, I thought Cueto was just taking joyous jabs at Catrina, but he didn't stop there.

"Welcome to Earth," to Aerostar.

"Baby, Mack, baby, baby, Mack, baby, baby, Mack, baby." After Mack placed his Aztec medallion into the belt, Cueto chided, "Circles with circles. Well done, Mack."

The medallion ceremony was another notch on the resume of the dynamo of entertainment known as Dario Cueto. He turned something fairly mundane into something enjoyable. That is why he is our homeboy.

Side note: Here is a video snippet of the Gift of the Gods championship. Even though I can't decipher all of the symbols, this is probably the best glance I have seen at each medallion to give us a hint about each tribe.

3. Dead, Chavo, dead

Shortly after a splendid frog splash (of which I genuinely thought Chavo was going to sneak away with the win), the other five competitors decided to gang up on Chavito. They all took turns starting with a stunner from Mack, Codebreaker from Sexy Star, sitdown powerbomb from Texano, springboard leg drop from Siniestro, and a springboard splash from Aerostar. A fitting punishment for that crumbum.

2. The Master speaks

First, the verbal. "The monster broke you in two. Now, I must break you again to make you strong. (Owwwwwwwww.) Silencio. Only the weak cry in pain. Only the weak show their suffering. Only the weak are afraid. The voices in your head, you have to overcome them. Ian thought he could control me with those pills. (Giggity.) (Arf arf.) He was wrong. All your fear, all the pain, all those injuries, all those things that you think control you, they really don't. Because this is nothing compared to what he did to you. Or what I'm about to do."

1. No pain, no gain?

Now, the double GIF visual. Outstanding segment to finish the show. Equal parts weird, creepy, bonkers, and badass. Vampiro is getting disturbingly/hilariously ruthless. It is going to take awhile, but all these moments should build Pentagon up into the monster that he needs to be to go toe to toe with the other monster, Matanza Cueto. I, for one, can not wait. Cero miedo.

In last week's poll, 24% of 233 votes were rooting for Joey Ryan to win the Gift of the Gods. Sexy Star was right on his heels with 22%, followed by 21% for Cage, and 19% for the Mack. The eventual winner, Chavo Guerrero, was last with 3 votes.

How does this week's Tope 10 stack up to your list? Any favorites not included? If you were late to the viewing party, feel free to share your thoughts about anything in the episode.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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