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Adam Cole loves wrestling in 2016 as much as you do, which is why he's not focused on WWE

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Adam Cole
Will Cole be signing another ROH contract this year, or... ?

When last we checked in on Bryan Fritz' conversation with Ring of Honor's Adam Cole, it didn't seem like they'd discussed something a lot of fans want to know about when it comes to one of the newest Bullet Club members - what's up with Cole and WWE?

Despite his being under contract to Ring of Honor (ROH) through at least the end of 2016, and his getting ready to work New Japan regularly for the first time in his career as a member of wrestling's most recognizable factions, people are always asking him about working for Vince McMahon, fantasy booking him into the upcoming Cruiserweight Classic and the like.

In an extended conversation with Fritz on his Between the Ropes podcast, Cole addressed that issue:

I've always said this literally since I was 18 or 19 years old when I really started thinking about my future in pro wrestling. So much stuff can change at the drop of a hat. Now with this formation with the Bullet Club, knowing there's a lot of great stuff coming for me in New Japan, definitely some great stuff coming for me in Ring of Honor, it's almost, and I know this is such a cliche answer, but there is so much for me to focus on in the here and now that if I lost track of that and focus too much on what a year or two will look like for me, I'm going to let this moment pass me by and I can't do that. This definitely is the most talked about that I've been. It's the hottest I've ever been and in order to make this run as good as humanly possible, I need to focus on what's right in front of me and focus on making this the best that I can.

While that's the politically and practically correct answer, it doesn't mean he doesn't think about it - and for the same reason many of us are so jazzed about the current pro wrestling landscape:

Of course, never say never. I think that's actually the coolest thing about pro wrestling right now. Whoever your favorites are in the independents or in Ring of Honor or TNA or Lucha Underground or New Japan Pro Wrestling, anywhere. There's that possibility of anyone showing up anywhere. We haven't had that in quite some time. I think that makes pro wrestling more exciting than it's been in years and that certainly makes our fans stay tuned. So, I'm all for it.

We know Cole will be crossing over between New Japan and ROH this Summer. Where might he show up next?

Not WWE... yet. But, don't rule anything out in 2016.

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