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Lucha Underground results, live blog (May 18, 2016): Crime & Punishment

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courtesy El Rey Network

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of Lucha Underground in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on El Rey Network.

Geno will be keeping you up on of all the happenings in Boyle Heights here while the show airs. Bill Hanstock will also bring you a recurring reactions post every week after the show. In addition to a way for folks to keep up, this space is for you to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the hottest new concept to hit pro wrestling in ages - during its initial broadcast!

El Rey is available via the cable and satellite providers list on their webpage here. If one of those is your hook-up and you can't find the channel on your box, reach out to them and ask for it. If you don't see your provider listed or you've cut the cord, you can find El Rey on the Sling streaming subscription service here and here. Or you can order the episodes on iTunes here.

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcast, but many Cagesiders don't partake.  If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show before they happen, or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

ANOTHER NOTE: Do not post links to pirate streams or other unlicensed means of watching the show. We all wish it was easier to get El Rey, and trust them when they tell us they're working on it. In the meantime, keep it legal while you're hanging at cSs.



Geno here.

Let us do this.

Dario Cueto met with Cage, who wanted his medallion back.

They cut to the ring and everyone who has won some of the ancient Aztec medallions. They put them there to form the Gift of the God's Championship. My man The Mack came out wearing a purple shirt, by the way. Dario gave everyone a grand introduction. It was a time.

They had all the medallions except for one, which is when Chavo Guerrero showed up with it carrying a chair and yelling at Cage. Cueto told them to "fight it out!"

Cage beat Chavo up quickly and took the medallion. It turned out it wasn't in the bag like Cage thought it was, instead taped to the chair he had with him. Chavo used said chair on Cage and then put the medallion in the belt, putting him in the match for the title. Cage was pissed and hit Weapon X to close the segment.


Argenis vs. Daga vs. Kobra Moon vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Lucha Underground at its finest: A 4-Way with three masked wrestlers, two men, one woman, and a little person. Famous B was out with Sagrada and cheering him on from ringside. The match was good for what it was, and featured Moon giving the win to Daga while apparently attempting to seduce him. He resisted.


Marty the Moth attempted to mock Killshot and ended up on his back and the subject of a death threat. He laughed in the face of it. That led into the next match.

Marty The Moth vs. Killshot

Moth got the edge early and played to the crowd, who hated his guts. He really is a creepy little bastard. Lot of character work from both guys. The match was slow and never found any real momentum. The finish was good, though:

Killshot def. Marty The Moth

After, they did a beatdown angle with Marty taking his frustrations out on Killshot. Then he took his dog tags and celebrated over him with them.


The main event is a 7-way match for the Gift of the Gods title.

El Texano vs. Joey Ryan vs. The Mack vs. Sinestro De La Muerte vs. Aerostar vs. Sexy Star vs. Chavo Guerrero

The match was what you would expect a 7-man match to be before Chavo Guerrero ate a bunch of finishers. That led to Cage coming out and actually helping Guerrero win the match, making him the Gift of the Gods champion.

Guerrero def. Texano, Ryan, Mack, Muerte, Aerostar, & Star

Cage then got on the mic and said Chavo would have to defend the title next week against him.


They showed Pentagon Jr. being held up by strings with Vampiro working on him. He said Pentagon still has more work to do.


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