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There will be a pregnancy storyline on 'Total Bellas'

Let the speculation begin!

Nikki and Brie Bella appeared at the NBCUniversal upfronts on Monday to promote their upcoming Total Bellas spinoff from the Total Divas series. During an interview for E!, Nikki stated that there will be a wedding and a pregnancy on the first season of Total Bellas, which bows in the fall.

You can watch that interview at this link, but Nikki drops the pregnancy tidbit while Brie is discussing some other stuff that happened during the filming of the season:

"I ended up realizing Bryan and I are messier, but it's because we don't feel the need to stress out to get everything straightened out right away," Brie says. "All I'm saying is that there was one of us who had a mental breakdown during the time being there."

"And there was a wedding and a pregnancy," Nikki continues. "We have a very fertile home, I guess."

We know the wedding will be between the Bellas' mother Kathy and John Laurinaitis. The pregnancy storyline, meanwhile, looks like it will likely be with Lola, the wife of the Bellas' brother, JJ. She has been posting about her pregnancy on social media, although she's only at 17 weeks and the first Total Bellas trailer looks like the footage was filmed quite some time ago.

A photo posted by by Lola (@whatlolalikes) on

It's quite likely that Lola's pregnancy will be the one covered in the first season of Total Bellas and Nikki and Brie are just attempting to stir up talk and speculation. Mission accomplished!

Bryan and Brie have been very outspoken in the past few years about wanting to have children, while Cena's refusal to have children with Nikki has been a consistent sticking point in their relationship.

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