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Samoa Joe and Finn Bálor to battle in NXT's first ever steel cage match at TakeOver in June

When their match in Portland this past Saturday night (May 14) ended in chaos, NXT General Manager William Regal promised an announcement this morning which would bring an end to the long rivalry between Samoa Joe and Finn Bálor.

In a contract signing broadcast via Facebook Live video (which you can see below), Regal made good on his promise. He amended the paperwork on their already announced third consecutive live event title bout to make it the first ever steel cage match in NXT history:

The brief segment features great work from all three men, and gives a sense of finality to a feud over which many fans were feeling fatigued. Regal declared the cage was to end their war - and protect the NXT universe. Joe promised that if Finn signed the paper, he wouldn't survive this encounter as the former champ has described his wins in London and Dallas. And Bálor vowed to end their fight by becoming the first two time champ in the brand's history.

Bring on June 8.

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