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Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho rematch at Extreme Rules in the first ever ASYLUM MATCH

Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose getting added to this Sunday's Extreme Rules card was expected. WWE has dedicated way too much time to their feud since Payback for Ambrose's clean win there to have been the end of it.

Considering so much of that time included things like potted plants and different kinds of jackets, some kind of plunder-centric stipulation was pretty predictable, too.

But who could have seen the debut of a new, Dean-specifc match type?

When the Lunatic Fringe called Y2J out tonight (May 16) on Raw for a segment where Jericho told us in advance he would be demanding an apology, it wasn't clear how their rematch would get extreme. Ten minutes and some ominous lighting later... it's still not entirely clear. But we know it'll be called an ASYLUM MATCH!

It involves a steel cage (which has its own entrance music) and a whole lot of plunder hanging above it. Some of that stuff ties into the story between Dean & Chris, like a straightjacket and a potted plant ("Son of Mitch", according to JBL). Some looks designed to draw blood that WWE no longer allows, like a barbed wire-wrapped 2x4. Some of it could be used to clean up afterwards, like a mop and bucket.

Regardless of what, if any, of that stuff gets used, how you win or who ends up getting the victory, Ambrose swears that Jericho will never (EVER) be the same... again... after May 22 in Newark, New Jersey.

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