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Lucha Underground recap (May 11, 2016): 2 Grave 2 Consequences


Fade in.

Dario Cueto makes his way inside a dimly-lit bar, where he is meeting up with Lorenzo Lamas' crooked politician character we met a few weeks ago. Dario slaps a bundle of cash on the table and Lamas says his employer will be happy. Dario tries to leave and Lamas urges him to stay, so Dario orders a cerveza, but Lamas changes the order to whiskey. Lamas says Dario is getting sloppy and he wouldn't be surprised if the police didn't already have someone on the inside.

Dario says he would know if he were compromised and Lamas says not to be so sure. He says the Temple is very important to his employer and that he might stop by the Temple soon. Dario seems nervous about this. Lamas says Dario's brother doesn't get to have all the fun and toasts. They drink. Dario doesn't look happy at all.


Triple Threat Ancient Aztec Medallion Match: Joey Ryan def. Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco

Stray observations: This is a three-way dance for the seventh and final Gift of the Gods medallion. Castro and Ryan, of course, are the undercover cops that Dario may or may not know about. These three were also in the trios tournament together before their dissent got the better of them. Ryan gets dumped early and Cisco and Castro start going at it for I believe the first time in Lucha Underground. Pretty sure they've been the Crew since day one.

After Castro and Cisco both knock each other down, Ryan slides into the ring to roll up Castro -- his fellow cop -- and win the medallion. He immediately stashes the medallion down the front of his trunks. Perfect.

What we learned: Joey and Castro's issues will come to a head sooner rather than later, methinks. Joey in the Gift of the Gods match should be pretty great. It's an interesting field this year ... if these medallion holders remain the same all the way to Ultima Lucha.


Muertes is meditating in front of his shrine. Catrina says she's been waiting almost 200 years for this moment. That's a long time to be a prisoner of darkness, she says. She reminds Muertes of what she's done for him and the power she has given him. She says bringing him back from the dead was all part of her plan. But tonight, when he brings Matanza to his knees and breaks every bone in his body, she wants to watch and see him lick the face of a god before he slams the casket shut.

They leave the room together ... and KING CUERNO steps from the shadows to stalk after them.


Trios Championship Match: Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma & El Dragón Azteca Jr. (c) def. Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & Johnny Mundo

Stray observations: Ivelisse and Son of Havoc come to the ring together before Mundo is announced as their partner. And he has Taya with him, of course. Mundo and Taya have super swank matching pink gear. They're really great. Taya and Ivelisse begin jawing at each other before the match even begins. Midway through the match, Taya starts beating on Puma behind the ref's back and Ivelisse stops her, quite upset with these rudo tactics.

Mundo takes Ivelisse out with a springboard enzuigiri late in the match -- ostensibly when he was aiming for Mysterio. Rey hits 619 and then Puma hits the 630 on Son of Havoc for the win. Taya pounces on Ivelisse after the match and attacks her viciously.

What we learned: The dream team still looks unstoppable, especially with the only other established trios team having Angélico on the shelf. It will be interesting to see what team, if any, can unseat them. Meanwhile, Taya and Ivelisse are in an instant blood feud. Woe be to the woman who runs afoul of Ivelisse.


Graver Consequences: Matanza (c) def. Mil Muertes

Stray observations: We once again get some sweet-ass pre-Grave Consequences theatrics, as the Dia de los Muertos skeletons appear and place flowers on the coffins. Some of the coffins are adorned with some Crimson Ghost-looking skulls, which I certainly appreciate. And yes, the stilt walker is back as well. The four caskets are one to a side surrounding the ring.

The fight spills to the outside almost immediately, as Muertes takes a big bump off one of the caskets. Catrina breaks a chair over Matanza's back and Muertes spears him into a few rows' worth of chairs. Three of the caskets get laid side by side and Muertes gets powerbombed onto one of them. Matanza starts undoing the bottom rope, but Muertes gives him a flatliner onto the three caskets.

Muertes drags a ruined casket into the ring, but Dario grabs his leg long enough for Matanza to recover and hit the rolling gutwrench suplexes. Muertes spears Matanza again and finishes removing the bottom rope, then tries to attack Matanza with the turnbuckle hook, but Matanza turns the table, then tears Muertes' mask and busts him open with the hook.

Muertes chokeslams Matanza onto the casket, then retrieves a toolbox from under the ring. Inside it is a chainmail glove, which I guess would be something you might put in a toolbox. He puts on the metal glove and starts busting Matanza's chops in it. Matanza breaks that up with a low blow, then a lariat to the back of the head. Matanza gets Muertes in a coffin but can't slam the lid. Muertes punches through the coffin lid and escapes.

Muertes brains Matanza with the ring bell, Catrina brains Dario with the magical stone and Matanza wallops Catrina in the back with a chair. Matanza takes the stone and tosses it in a casket, then picks up an unconscious Catrina and puts her in another one. Muertes hits a big dive and starts ground and pounding Matanza, now that he's good and pissed off.

Matanza drags the last casket into the ring and powerslams Matanza, then tries to put him inside. He can't shut the lid and Matanza escapes, then powerbombs Muertes onto the casket again. Matanza hits Wrath of the Gods INTO the coffin and slams the lid, winning the match.

Dario announces his baby brother as the winner of the match and looks inside the coffin where Catrina was placed, but IT'S EMPTY. Dario looks suitably horrified. The Dia de los Muertos skeletons reappear and once again cart off the casket with Muertes inside.

As Muertes is taken away, a hooded figure reveals himself to be King Cuerno.

What we learned: This wasn't able to reach the heights of the initial Grave Consequences, which may still be the best match in Lucha Underground history. This was a completely different dynamic and served different purposes, of course. And it was still great. But now Muertes is officially dispatched and it's time to see who else is going to try to step up and face Matanza.

Maybe it's King Cuerno? He certainly has beef with people who have done him wrong. I think there's about to be a lot more to this Cuerno story in a hurry.


A limousine pulls up and Lorenzo Lamas gets in. He seems extremely nervous and lays some money on the seat. He says he spoke with Dario and has prepared him for this unseen person's arrival. He says Dario has begun thinking his brother is the most powerful person walking the earth, but he knows that's not so, "Because you are, my lord."

We see gloved hands light a cigar. I'm guessing this employer isn't Big Ryck, however.


Well, I think that'll probably do it. I don't even want to think about what Season 3's Grave Consequences match will be like. GRAVEST CONSEQUENCES. See you all back here next week.

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