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Bálor vs. Joe IV is official for the June 8 TakeOver

WWE NXT on Twitter

For the third straight NXT live event, Finn Bálor will battle Samoa Joe in the main event with the brand's championship on the line. But, the TakeOver scheduled for June 8 will be the first time Joe will be champ and Finn will be challenger.

When the Irishman grabbed a microphone at the end of the latest episode of the regular Wednesday episode of NXT on WWE Network, he demanded his rematch. Joe appeared to state his case that Finn's not deserving of another shot, but General Manager William Regal swooped in to make sure his show didn't devolve into chaos - and to announce his plan to headline the next live show in Florida with a title match between the two.

Unless you were in Lowell, Massacusetts on April 21, you haven't seen much of the Samoan Submission Machine winning the belt. And though they could watch it on the Network with the rest of us, NXT's home crowd at Full Sail Live hasn't seen Joe vs. Bálor one-on-one, since the previous two TakeOver events were in London and Dallas.

The other big difference, we're lead to believe thanks to the former champ saying he's become a "demon possessed" with the desire to reclaim the belt, is that Finn will be wearing his body paint on the 8th of next month. He is undefeated in WWE while painted up, having not donned it for the Massachusetts house show.

Is that enough of a difference to justify Finn vs. Joe IV?

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