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Enzo Amore diagnosed with a concussion, all other tests negative

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Before the main event of Payback, Michael Cole brought us good news about the first match of from the pay-per-view (PPV) portion of that show from Chicago.

Enzo Amore, who was competing with his partner Colin Cassady in the finals of the tournament to determine the #1 contender for the WWE tag titles when he hit his head multiple times on the ropes, apron and floor before being rendered unconcious, has been diagnosed with a concussion.

The medical facility Amore was taken to by paramedics ran other tests on the wrestler, all of which Cole reports came back negative.

It's never good when you're hoping for a concussion, but for Cassady, his opponents in the Vaudevillains and those watching - including the New Day and the announce team, this is the best possible diagnosis.

Obviously, it's too early for any word on when Enzo might be back in the ring, as concussions vary greatly in severity and symptoms. He'll certainly be held out for more tests, and we'll provide any updates we get, as we get them.