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WWE Payback results: Vince McMahon announces Shane & Stephanie to run Raw together

Amidst "CM Punk" and "What?" chants, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon explained how he re-creates Raw through the years to maintain its popularity. The key to that was different "eras", and now, Mr. McMahon said it was time for a new era.

The person to run Raw would be someone of business acumen and personal ethics, Vince said. Before revealing his decision of who would run Monday nights, he brought out his children.

Once Stephanie McMahon was in the ring, it was difficult to hear her over the boos. You could make out that she wanted to be feared more than liked, and then ran down the achievements of the Authority's run over the last several years... including a big promo for WWE Network. She also played the sexism card, accused Shane of abandoning the fans, and brought up his reckless dive at WrestleMania. Steph also spun the Mania angle, bringing up Shane's blackmail of Vince, but not his having lost the match where control of Raw was on the line.

Just as his sister was finishing her pitch, "Here Comes the Money" hit. Shane O'Mac came down to run the positive headlines from many news outlets the show has received in his brief tenure at the top. Shane then said his departure seven years ago was because his ideas weren't being listened to, and his absence let Steph and her husband "spew their poison" throughout WWE.

Now Shane is back to save the company for his kids, Stephanie and Hunter's kids, future generations and all the fans. His final appeal was to the fans, who cheered loudly for him.

Vince finally tied up the Taker storyline, explaining he only let Shane run Raw because he upstaged him after Mania, and he thought he'd fall on his face.

Tonight was about what Vince wants, though, and what he wanted was "figurative blood" - which he hopes to get by putting BOTH his children in charge on Monday nights.

Shane seemed pleased, Stephanie less so... but in the end, they did shake hands. So we'll have to wait for tomorrow for the fireworks to begin.

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