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WWE Payback results: Ambrose outlasts Jericho, presumably keeps his talk show

Two guys who take their talk show hosting gigs very seriously went one-on-one for the first time tonight at Payback in Chicago.

Chris Jericho was in, apologies to Michael Cole, in vintage mode, working as an arrogant legend and a cowardly villain. Dean Ambrose was all over him in the early going of their match, but Y2J begged the referee for mercy, and used the opening that created to start kicking his rival's butt... all while leading the Allstate Arena crowd in mocking "Let's Go Ambrose" chants.

A running bulldog was foiled by Dean, though, and the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla ended up going crotch first into the turnbuckle. Things were evenly contested from there, with the pair trading spots, including Ambrose getting a two count with a running bulldog of his own. When that didn't work, however,  he went for a top rope elbow that Jericho side-stepped and turned into the Walls.

Dragging himself to the bottom rope, he got a break, which prompted a vicious response by Jericho. He may have let his emotions get the best of him, however, as he Ambrose dodged a charge that sent him to the floor, and then the Lunatic flew straight into him. Dean then went to dismantle the German announce table they bounced off of, but whatever he had planned didn't work.

For the second time in the last seven days, it looked like Jericho was going for a submission on the table, but instead he slingshotted Ambrose into the barricade. Rolling back in for what he thought would be a countout win, Jericho started celebrating, but Dean slide back in at the count of nine.

A Codebreaker didn't land, and Dean used his momentum for the lariat after bouncing off the ropes. He was too beat up himself to cover right away, and couldn't get three, however. Ambrose went up top, but  Jericho shoved him to the floor. A springboard dropkick was countered, and the former Shield-man did hit a flying elbow. It still didn't end the match, however.

Setting Jericho up for a Superplex, they battled on the top rope, but ended up crashing back down to Earth. Another, center-of-the-ring Walls attempt looked like it might result in the Lunatic Fringe, if not tapping, then passing out, but Dean reversed it into a small package for a near fall.

Clearly frustrated, Jericho began slapping Dean, which Ambrose didn't seem to mind. They traded blows, and YJ went for a Lionsault, but his opponent got his knees up.

Locking the arms for his finisher, Ambrose tried to get Jericho up, but had to knee him in the face multiple times to do it. He eventually did, connecting with Dirty Deeds for a big win over the former World champ.

Jericho threw a temper tantrum afterwards, but this was one newcomer he couldn't bury.

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