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WWE Payback results: Kevin Owens proves he's better than Sami Zayn, stays for commentary

Coming off a length delay for Enzo Amore's injury in the pay-per-view (PPV) opener - which WWE filled with the promo video detailing the long history between Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens - the personal rivalry between those two former friends resumed.

The Chicago crowd was re-energized by Sami's entrance, as was Zayn, who responded to KO's early trash talk with a flurry of offense. But with the help of the steel steps, Owens was able to put himself in the driver's seat... eventually taking the Likeable One to chinlock city.

Having withstood the early emotional flurry, it looked the Prizefighter had things were he wanted them. Inflicting punishment to his rival while talking crap to Sami, Michael Cole and the entire Allstate Arena crowd, Owens looked to finish things with a senton, but Zayn - as he is wont to do - fought back.

Trading clotheslines and forearms, each man went to signature moves. Zayn brought multiple Blue Thunder Bombs. Owens broke out a pumphandle Brainbuster onto his knee. And he followed those with cannonball sentons and a Frog Splash, but he couldn't put his fellow Canadian away.

Showing how well each man knows the other, Sami countered a Pop-Up Powerbomb, then Owens turned a rope-assisted DDT into a backbreaker. While dueling on the apron, KO's finisher was turned into a big backdrop. The big man stayed on the floor, but Zayn wouldn't take a countout. He sprung his DDT through the ropes, and brought Kev back into the ring for a Helluva Kick.

Zayn must have taken too long, though. Because when he charged in for his finisher, KO responded with a Superkick. That set-up Owens' finisher, and a win for the former Intercontinental champ.

Afterwards, he smacked Zayn out of the ring and demanded Byron Saxton grab a microphone and get in the ring. He didn't quite get the question he wanted from the announcer, but used the opening to declare himself better than Sami, and announce his intent to reclaim his IC title.

Something he's starting by staying at commentary to watch Cesaro vs. Miz.

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