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WWE Payback results: Kalisto defeats Ryback again to retain the U.S. title

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The story from Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton leading into their rematch on the Payback Kickoff show was that Ryback had the momentum, based mostly on a recent non-title win ove Kalisto on SmackDown.

Early on, The Big Guy was a little too focused on trolling the Chicago crowd and his shoot nemesis CM Punk. He also may have been a bit too distracted by his placement on the card, rocking a "Pre-Show Stopper" weight belt. The champ came out firing on all cylinders, with numerous high-flying moves to the outside (including one where Ryback moved to prevent him from hitting the apron headfirst).

Ryback muscled his way into control however, and continued to work the crowd while he worked over Kalisto. But a pair of DDT counters got the champ close to retaining, but a series of his biggest moves only earned nearfalls.

A dramatic battle on the top rope also ended in a counter, where Ryback ended up giving the smaller man a top rope military press. But he looked to follow up with a second mamuever from the top and missed, which created an opening for Salida del Sol. And that was something that Ryback couldn't kick out of.

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