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Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling now in the multi-level marketing business

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Remember when a lot of us were excited for Global Force Wrestling (GFW), thinking Jeff Jarrett was going to create a 21st century NWA?

Well, turns out Triple H would come closer to that. Double-J is still out here promising big announcements. And now inviting you to join Team Jarrett to sell gold shaped like credit cards to your friends.

Yes, as reddit users pointed out a few days back and David Bixenspan of SEScoops investigated yesterday, the Global Force website is inviting you to join "Team Jarrett" by watching a seven minute video about Karatbars. That German company wants you to send them money in exchange for some "Gold bullion in form of a card in small denominations."

They also have a "marketing plan" which explains how you'll make money getting your friends to send money to buy Karatbars, and continue getting money when they convince their friends to send money to buy Karatbars, and even more money when...

You get the idea.

This is not only pretty shady (I'm not a lawyer or in law enforcement, but pyramid schemes are illegal, so you have to prove it's multi-level marketing where profit is being made on the sale of the product, in this case "Karatbars", and not just on the sale of new "franchises" to sell the product - and one internet "scam buster" has labeled them a scam), it's a really bad look for a company who's filmed television no one outside of live crowds in Las Vegas has seen and for an industry that - for all Vince McMahon's efforts - is still working to escape its carnival roots in the eyes of the public.

Plus, as the guy hawking it and presumably receiving a percentage on whatever you sell, this doesn't look like Jarrett and GFW are on really strong financial footing.

The TNA Hall of Famer may be realizing this, especially as public awareness and discussion of "Global Force Gold" increases. Until yesterday, visitors to the site got a pop-up ad encouraging them to watch the intro video. Now, it's just a large ad farther down the page.

Still, whether it's Global Force Gold or Global Force Wrestling... caveat emptor, Cagesiders.