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Original WrestleMania plans reportedly called for Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

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Whether you believe reports that WrestleMania 32 plans were in flux until April 3 or ones saying they were set the week before, there's no denying that some things got moved around in the build. Either due to injuries or other factors, WWE had set-up things like Bray Wyatt vs. Brock Lesnar before fans responded to Dean Ambrose's dogged pursuit of the Beast Incarnate, and were possibly moving towards John Cena vs. the Undertaker when the Face That Runs the Place learned he needed shoulder surgery.

The latest Wrestling Observer (subscription required but recommended, and happy Thursday!) has an interesting note on original plans for the Arlington, Texas show. Dave Meltzer reports the decision to put Ambrose (instead of Wyatt) with Lesnar was done in order to get the Lunatic Fringe over as a main eventer, and WWE thought a loss to Brock would accomplish that more than a win over his planned partner, Chris Jericho.

As it's spelled out in the Newsletter, not only was the booking of their feud and the Street Fight match itself counter to the goal, the whole plan hit a snag when they decided to use Bray and company for the Rock's segment. Instead of Wyatt interference in Lesnar vs. Ambrose, which could have protected Dean in a losing effort or even elevated him by standing side-by-side with the former UFC champ after a no decision, he lost relatively meekly after being dominated throughout their program.

Would a win over Y2J have served him better? The way Meltzer presents it, it seems like it.  But as we saw on Sunday, a win over Jericho probably wasn't guaranteed. Plus, that program is still available to him.

WWE can turn things around quickly, as we've seen with Zack Ryder's last few weeks, or a couple of times now with Roman Reigns. The question isn't if they can with Ambrose, but if they want to.

With or without Wyatt involvement, he could have been presented like a real challenge to Lesnar. After flashing a few signs they might take him seriously, he ended up looking like a scrappy-yet-delusional upper mid-carder all over again.

What do you think of how Dean was treated for WrestleMania? What does his future hold? Sound off below, Cagesiders.

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