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WWE SmackDown preview (April 7, 2016): Family dynamics

Tonight's episode of SmackDown was filmed on Tuesday night in Houston. We've got a spoiler report for you here. If you just want to get ready for the show without knowing who wins and loses, read on!

The Headliner

A roller coaster 24 hours saw Zack Ryder go from someone who'd never heard his theme song played at the Showcase of the Immortals to having the same experience as Razor Ramon at WrestleMania when he climbed a ladder and retreived the Intercontinental title. Unfortunately for Long Island Iced Z, the ride wasn't over. He hit the ring on Raw to celebrate and honor his father, and ended up losing the legendary strap to Miz.

The Awesome One couldn't have done it alone, he needed his wife, former Divas champion Maryse, to cancel out Papa Ryder and supply a distraction. Tonight, Zack Daddy will try to get back on his cloud by reclaiming the belt Miz now holds for a fifth time.

The Title Scene

Wouldn't call it a heel turn, but in his third go-round as WWE World Heavyweight champ, Roman Reigns sure doesn't seem to be worrying about trying to convince you to like him. He found out on Monday his next challenger will be the Phenomenal AJ Styles - let's see how BIG TIME ROMEY responds to that news.

Didn't get a whole lot of play on Raw, but Kalisto was one of only two titleists to keep their strap at WrestleMania. Is the United Stated champion done with the BIG GUY, or will Ryback be out to prove his Kickoff show loss was a fluke?

Even though her belt is new, Women's champ Charlotte also retained. Despite the fact Sasha Banks wasn't pinned or submitted in their Triple Threat on Sunday, it looks like the Nature Girl's old rival Natalya may be the next challenger to the Dirtiest Player in the Game - and her dad. Natty gets a chance to prove she deserves a title shot when she takes on the women the Boss beat on Raw, Summer Rae.

With a non-title loss at Mania the only real blemish on their month-long program with League of Nations (and that group down a member and embroiled with the Wyatts), it seems the tag titles are without #1 contenders right now...

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- It's not actually an invasion angle, but there are enough NXT guys to make one if they change their minds. The Vaudevillains follow Enzo & Cass, Apollo Crews and new Dre winner Baron Corbin to the main roster when they debut tonight.

- Absent on Monday (probably trying to figure out how he lost to Brock Lesnar even when he had a frikkin' chainsaw), Dean Ambrose returns to action with a pre-announced match with Tyler Breeze... who probably won't be mmmgorgeous any more if the Lunatic Fringe gets the whole power tool thing figured out.

- With a backstage powerbomb, Kevin Owens removed Sami Zayn from the title picture. Since we know the Likeable One's injuries were kayfabe, he's undoubtedly gunning for revenge against his old nemesis.

- Monday night's main also featured Chris Jericho, who finally put over Styles, and the not-so-triumphant return of the King of Swing, Cesaro. Both are men without a program, so watch what they do tonight.

(Note: I know some folks have come looking for a more definitive match listing - that will be posted behind spoiler text in the comments. If releases more information on anything that's officially going to take place on tonight's show, that'll be updated here)

See you tonight for SmackDown!

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