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Strange bedfellows (a Lucha Underground preview)

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You need a flow chart to keep up with the rivalries in the Temple.

Thinking about the coming clash between Vampiro and Dario Cueto, set-up by Lucha Underground champion Matanza's decimation of Pentagon, Jr on last week's episode and further teased by the latest filthy restroom confrontation for El Jefe you can see in our exclusive preview clip above, brings to mind our homeboy's meetings from last week.

One planned, where a decision by Rey Mysterio to fight in Boyle Heights, forget the past and ignore the fact that the woman guarding the door was his mentor, Dragon Azteca's protégé when he died (or is Rey ignorant that his teacher had taken on Black Lotus as a student?)

One impromptu, as the increasingly ghostly Catrina rejected an alliance with Dario and promised to take back the LU title for Mil Muertes - and the Temple for herself.

And teasing at those connections reveal deeper tangles. Ivelisse and Catrina are destined for more of a fight after a kick from the baddest bitch in Boyle Heights sealed her team's successful Trios title defense against the Disciples of Death. The story's been on the backburner, but the Cuetos are still being investigated by the LAPD and undercover officers Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro.

Those knots will get tighter, and new links will be revealed, as the Trios tournament kicks off tonight. There are some partnerships we can expect (a team with Drago & Aero Star, and another with PJ Black & Jack Evans immediately spring to mind) and the tourney has a history of forging unlikely bonds, as last year's winners and current champs Team Dysfunction prove.

The titleholders will likely be off tonight - not because Dario doesn't like messing with them, but because he's booked Ivelisse for a showdown with Kobra Moon. El Rey's teaser description, and the episodes title ("Bird of War") also make us think Fenix may have a plan to reclaim the championship he carried into Aztec Warfare II.

See you tonight.

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