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It hurts just watching this GIF from WrestleMania 32 of Sami Zayn suplexing Kevin Owens onto a ladder

Lost in a long, not that memorable night in AT&T Stadium was a fun ladder match for the Intercontinental title that - despite not being the Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens match a lot of fans wanted - gave us a lot of Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens action.

The last spot we got from them in the match, after a through-the-turnbuckles DDT by Zayn to Owens, and a frog splash from KO onto Sami while he was laid out on a ladder, was the Likeable One hitting his half-and-half suplex on the Prizefighter.

That would have been painful enough, but it was right onto a downed ladder. And after he hit, KO just buried his face between a couple steps and didn't move again.

Hopefully, the GIF (via wrestling-giffer on tumblr) is painting an accurate picture and Kev just landed on his side and then sold like he'd been killed. Not that getting slammed shoulder-first into a metal ladder wouldn't hurt REALLY BAD, but it's probably the best possible outcome from that scenario.

But, the usually prolific Tweeter and fantastic post-match interview hasn't been heard from since, so...

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