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WWE Raw preview (April 4, 2016): Locked room mystery

Kofi Kingston on Twitter

It's Smark-a-Mania (sorry, Geno)! How will Dallas - and the members of the Global wrestling community who stuck around after last night - handle the fallout from last night's Show of Shows?

The Headliner

The Authority reigns supreme! But thanks to Roman Reigns, they no longer control gold.

Undertaker helped Vince McMahon, daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Triple H retain control of Raw and presumably all of WWE, when he put down Shane McMahon in their Hell in a Cell match on Sunday night in Arlington. The Dead Man didn't seem terribly invested in doing it for any reason other than to go 23 - 1 at WrestleMania however.

He's supposed to be sticking around, at least for a few dates on the European tour. Will he have anything to say about how Mr. McMahon used him against his now-disowned son? Will we ever learn what was in that lockbox mentioned during Shane's Detroit return?

Are there no hopes for a brand split now? Will Steph & Hunter continue to try and make Roman's life miserable, or can we move on to another story?

We'll be lucky to get answers to more than two of those questions tonight, but keep hope alive, gang.

The Title Scene

He's got a couple of flights to New York and back for the Today Show, but WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns should be feeling pretty good now that he's a three-time titleholder. Now about that crowd noise...

New Intercontinental king Zack Ryder had a magical moment when he grabbed the strap from above the ring in the Mania ladder match. Former champ Kevin Owens won't be happy that he lost his belt while recovering from a Sami Zayn half-and-half suplex. In fact, all six other men - and maybe even some debuting talent - may have their eyes on the second singles title Zack Daddy's held in the 'E.

Kalisto successfully defended his United States title against Ryback, but will the Big Guy leave the high flier alone? And now that John Cena is back for duty, might he want his red, white and blue belt back?

Thanks to her old man, Charlotte's run continues - although now as the Women's champ. Sasha Banks would seem to have a valid complaint seeing as how she didn't tap or get pinned in yesterday's Triple Threat, instead being impeded by Ric Flair. Will we head toward a one-on-one match, or might a NXT wrestler follow in Paige's Smark-A-Mania footsteps?

They're still tag titleholders, but last night New Day took a loss from League of Nations and a Stunner from Steve Austin. Their belts weren't on the line - possibly because they didn't want to misplace them in a box of BootyOs, but Sheamus and the Lads sure have a legit claim to another title shot now.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- Announcing his presence with a statement win in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Baron Corbin is a main roster player (at least some of the time). What's next for the Lone Wolf?

- It's babymaking time for Brie Bella. Will she say goodbye in Dallas?

- Chris Jericho and the Usos picked up decisive non-title wins over AJ Styles and the Dudleyz, respectively. Do the winners move closer to tag shots? Where do the ex-TNA teams go now?

- His Street Fight opponent is headed back to the farm; what does the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose do after another big event loss?

- The Wyatts got something to do at Mania after all, but they're not feuding with the Rock - and they probably don't want any more Cena.

It's the WrestleMania fallout show!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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