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WrestleMania Results: John Cena & The Rock team up to take out the Wyatt Family

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The Great One waited a long time to make his presence felt in Texas tonight. There was only one match left on the card (featuring his cousin, Roman Reigns) and he looked to have his work boots on.

So folks were a little thrown off when it looked like all he might do is set some big letters on fire, wink at the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and announce there were 100,000 people in the building (a new record).

Then the Eater of Worlds showed up.

Bray Wyatt was conspicuous in his absence from the WrestleMania card. Many expected him to get involved in the Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose match - but he didn't.

He and his family were then figured for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. But instead, we got Baron Corbin, DDP and Shaquille O'Neal.

What we got was a segment that people will argue about all week (if they're not too busy arguing about AJ Styles, or Dean Ambrose, or New Day). Rock did put over Bray, speaking about his tools, his charisma, the sway in which he holds the fans.

Deciding the taunts called for something more than some jaw-jacking and a brawl, Rocky called for an official match. He got one with Erick Rowan, that ended in six seconds after a Rock Bottom.

Wyatt rallied the troops, and Braun Strowman, Bray and Erick circled the ring. Which prompted...


John Cena wouldn't miss his first WrestleMania in more than a decade after all. Teaming up with his famous Mania rival, the Champ Who is Here and the People's Champ took out the clan with Five Knuckle Shuffles and People's Elbows.

Some loved it, many hated it. But it was what this night was about - Vince turning to old faces more than he decided to make new ones.

WWE, everybody.

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