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WrestleMania 32 results: Shane McMahon's insane dive from the top of Hell in a Cell costs him in a loss to Undertaker

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Family was the theme early, more than custom Jordans or the money that fell from the sky. With control of his father's Monday night show at (kayfabe) stake, Shane McMahon danced to the ring with his three sons, and kissed his wife before he entered the structure known as Hell in a Cell.

For what was potentially his last WrestleMania ever, Undertaker came alone. Making his usual long walk to the ring - albeit with extra pyro for this, the biggest show in history - a contest many thought would close the night came on at 9:30PM Eastern with only two matches remaining on the card after it.

Shane O'Mac came out with a bicycle kick, looking to capitalize on his training and catch the Dead Man by surprise. As the announce crew spoke about his strategy, to outlast Taker and take advantage of his cardio, a knee caught him in the mid-section. McMahon brought flurries, and the Phenom shut him down.

A flying elbow created some separation, but the man with 22 WrestleMania wins got up first. They boxed around the ring, and when the prodigal son got caught again by the best pure striker in WWE history, he then took a leg drop across the apron and a Last Ride... but Shane kicked out at 2.

Setting up steel steps in the ring for more carnage, Taker went to grab Shane and was caught in a triangle choke. Despite foaming at the mouth, the Dead Man got out of the hold by covering McMahon's mouth to restrict his breathing. That allowed him to hit a choke slam on the steps, but it wasn't enough. Rolling out from an elbow drop, Shane watched as the Dead Man crashed onto the steel - then baited him into a DDT on the steps.

Taker kicked out at 2. An elbow left him on the mat, but it was the Phenom's turn to lure his opponent in, as he locked in Hell's Gate. Shane looked like he'd fade, but tapping into his reserves, he rolled over and turning it into a Sharpshooter.

The Dead Man muscled out, but he was nearly spent, as was McMahon. Falling on each other while slumped in the corner, Shane peppered punches to Taker's face. Then he retreived a trash can from under the ring and prepped to go Coast to Coast!

But it still wasn't enough! Undertaker kicked out before three, and Shane was racking his brain for ways to keep him down. The plan was to bolt cutter his way out of the Cell, for some reason. What that did was give the big Texan time to get up and tackle McMahon through the cage.

It was time to take apart the announce table. He paid Shane back for Monday night, pummeling him with fists and a monitor. Looking to set-up the Tombstone Piledriver, McMahon slipped out the back and locked on a sleeper. Which Taker broke, of course, by jumping up to drop them both through the desk.

While Taker recovered, Shane O'Mac found a tool box. And he blasted his opponent with it until it popped open and the contents spilled all over the floor. Then he looked to the top of the cage as the crowd roared.

Before starting his climb, McMahon gave him one more blast with a monitor.

Reaching the top of the 20+ foot cage, Shane looked down and shook his head. But he ignored JBL's screams of "NO", made the Sign of the Cross and leapt.

Onto an empty table, as Undertaker had rolled away. While referees and officials checked on Shane, Taker looked on - almost mystified. He could barely walk, needing to grab the fence himself before walking over to his opponent.

McMahon got to his knees, and signaled for more punishment. The Dead Man hoisted him on his shoulder and carried Shane back to the ring. Needing another minute to get back to his feet between the ropes, both man signaled to the other for more. With a pat on his rival's cheek, the Phenom lifted Shane O'Mac up once more and this time connected with a Tombstone for a win.

Undertaker stared at his vanquished foe, obvious respect in his eyes. But his legacy was protected, and he'll have another Mania in his future.

Whether Shane has any future in WWE remains to be seen. For tonight, he got a stretcher job - but signaled he was okay with a thumbs up and peace sign. We'll keep you posted about results of the examination he'll surely get backstage.

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