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WrestleMania 32 results: Kalisto slays the Big Guy to keep his U.S. title

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Amidst reports of issues with fans entering the massive AT&T Stadium - it looked about 30% full as Kalisto & Ryback made their entrances - the United States championship match kicked off the action at WrestleMania 32.

Eden made the introductions for the Big Guy, in his simple black trunks, and the Lucha Dragon, who wore purple & gold mask & tights. Mauro Ranallo made his Mania debut on play-by-play, along with Jerry Lawler and Byron Saxton... and early on, the described Ryback manhandling the smaller champion.

After being sent to the floor, Kalisto lured his opponent to follow him, and struck with double knees off the apron. But Ryback wasn't fazed, and went back to literally throwing the two-time U.S. champ around. The luchador tried to cut Big Hungry down to size with leg kicks, a sound strategy by the luchador that resulted in his being held down by Ryback.

Promising a WrestleMania moment to the crowd, Ryback went for a Super-plex, but the champ countered and crossbodied the champ on the way down. But like every other time it seemed momentum would shift, Ryback responded with more power.

In the end, it was Ryback's own treachery which did him in. Unable to finish off the high flier, he went to remove the turnbuckle cover - and ended up going into it head first himself. That set up Salida del Sol, and Kalisto is still champ.

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