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Wrestlers tell us who they'd switch bodies with

What if you could be somebody else for a day? We asked a bunch of people this question over WrestleMania weekend.

If you were forced to switch bodies for one day with any other wrestler, who would it be and why?

BRIAN CHRISTOPHER: Man. Everybody's expecting me to say Jerry Lawler, right? Well, if he, on that day, were having a match at Madison Square Garden with somebody, then I'd like to chance bodies with Shawn Michaels. Only if he was wrestling on that day. Because I'd like to be him. I remember him as probably the greatest wrestler that I've ever seen.

ABYSS: I'd say Andre the Giant, because it's probably closest to me and probably wouldn't be that big of a difference in my mobility and so forth. [laughs]

AL SNOW: Male or female? Probably Sable. And then I would just go stand naked in a mirror and do terrible things to myself.

BILLY GUNN: Probably Dusty Rhodes. Because I wanted to feel -- Because he was in shape. People don't realize you don't have to look like a million bucks to be in shape. And he was always in shape. But I wanted to feel like what it would feel like to be him, in his body. And to be able to move around and everything, like that.

CHUCK TAYLOR: Oh, goodness. Maybe like a Dolph Ziggler. He's in real good shape, he probably crushes puss left and right. Is this a PG interview? [laughs] That sounds about right. Dolph Ziggler.

COLT CABANA: Does it have to be a wrestler? It would be Chung Lee from Bloodsport. He always had the pectoral muscles that I wanted. Yeah, maybe Big E. He's the black kumite [fighter]. Yeah, I'll take those big ol' titties of Big E's.

MUHAMMAD HASSAN: I think it would be Billy Gunn, because he looks amazing. He's jacked, man.

SHAWN DAIVARI: Candice Michelle. So I could look at myself naked in the mirror.

EDDIE EDWARDS: [laughs] I would be Trish Stratus for a day and just love myself all day long. Hell yeah.

RODERICK STRONG: Brock Lesnar. Just to see how it feels to be that goddamn big. [laughs] I would just run into stuff.

EXCALIBUR: Somebody who hasn't had their first day of wrestling training yet. I wouldn't be hurt, and also I would be a blank slate. And you could learn ... I obviously have my biases of what I like and what I don't, but if I was somebody that hadn't started training at all before, it would be a completely blank slate. It would be interesting to learn all over again.

MATT STRIKER: There's so many different ways to approach this question. Is it from a physical standpoint? Is it their lot in life? I've got to keep my brain and put it in somebody else's body? [laughs] Can I put it in like Kelly Kelly's body? [laughs] Okay, I'll do that one, but how can you not just put yourself like in Triple H's body? Because it's great to be young and in shape, but in this business where they say it's a young man's game, he's defying all those odds. I'd like to be that guy.

THE GENIUS: Sophia Loren in her prime. Then I would spend the weekend alone. [laughs]

CHARLIE HAAS: Kenny King. [laughs] I don't know.

KENNY KING: [laughs] If I was forced to swap bodies with any wrestler for one day, I would swap bodies with Chris Candido in the 90s, so I could get some of that 90s Sunny action. I would switch bodies with anybody, man. I think everybody would want to switch bodies with me. There's not too many dudes who can do what I can do.

HERNANDEZ: Probably the Great Khali. I want to know what it's like to be 7'4 and jacked. That would be awesome. I did the India tour with him last month and he's like a god in India. One show, we had 50,000 people [in the arena] and there was fifteen thousand people outside the arena, just waiting just to see what he looks like. It was unbelievable. So I wish I could be 7'4. That would be kind of cool.

CHRIS HERO: It would probably be some trainee somewhere that has just started and still has never taken a bump. [laughs] It would just be kind of cool to -- I mean, I'm not in bad shape, or anything. But I do feel a little bit of the residual effects of being an 18-year pro. So it would be interesting to see what kind of context I would have after exchanging bodies. Maybe I took that a little too literally.

THE HURRICANE: That is something I never, ever thought about. I think I'm just happy with myself, so I don't think I have one.

JEFF JARRETT: Swap bodies. Is that to have a match? God, you've gotta let me think on that. In this business, it's a cosmetic business. Gosh, Lex Luger in his prime was a real specimen. Scott Steiner, in his prime. I'll tell you what: Kevin Nash. He's a seven-footer. If I'd have had about six or eight more inches, I could have done something with my basketball career, but  a six-foot white guy [laughs] just didn't have the hops to make it.

LANCE ARCHER (fka Lance Hoyt): Any wrestler? Oh man, that's such a hard question to answer. Let's go with [Hiroshi] Tanahashi. The ace. He's on top, he's super cool. He's just got a cool gimmick. The way the fans act and react to him, it's awesome. It's just fun.

HEIDI LOVELACE: Oh my gosh, this is the hardest question ever. I don't know. I think a day in the life of Joey Ryan is probably a pretty good time. He gets away with a lot of stuff that most people can't get away with.

JINDER MAHAL: Probably Khali. Because then I wouldn't actually have to do anything. No bumps. [laughs]

CATRINA: How about Big Show? I love Big Show. I just want to walk around and tell everyone to get the F out of my way. Even though I do that already. But they'd move a lot quicker. So, Big Show, I'm coming for you.

MELISSA SANTOS: I know who I wouldn't [switch bodies with]. I don't know.

BRIAN MYERS (fka Curt Hawkins): Oh, what a question. I would have said Dolph Ziggler, but he's got that big chin and the cartoon face. I dunno, man, that's tough.

HARRY SMITH JR: Hulk Hogan, for the fun of it. Not right now, but in the 1980s. Well actually, right now. Sure. He just won that 100 million. So yeah, right now. [laughs]

SONJAY DUTT: Maybe Eva Marie. Yeah, Eva Marie. 100 percent. What a life to live, huh? A day in the life. Plus, I get to hang out with Jonathan! He has cool tattoos everywhere. The best.

MATT SYDAL: That's a great question. Who would I swap bodies with in wrestling? Well, I think I would just take Ricochet's body, because he is just the most incredible athlete of all time. But you know, I think it would be weird, man. I already feel uncomfortable enough in my own skin. I can only imagine how uncomfortable I would feel in other people's skin. But I think it would be really insightful to get to know like ... you get in a guy like Ricochet's body, but you wonder where his head goes. I don't know. It's like, if you transferred somebody's head onto a different body, is that the same person? Are they a different person? These are questions to be pondered.

ROCKSTAR SPUD: Rob Terry. I'd take over the fucking world. Absolutely take over the world. Just unbelievable. He's a freak. I love him.

ZACK SABRE JR: Taiji Ishimori. Have you seen him? From Noah? Whenever we mat wrestle, I'd always just have a cheeky feel of his abs and just be like [groans]. Ridiculous. Yeah. I question my sexuality every time I wrestle him. [laughs]


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