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Lucha Underground recap (April 27, 2016): They Call it a Cage Match

The trios tournament comes to an end in one cataclysmic four-team elimination match. PLUS: the second cage match in company history!

Fade in.

NO OPENING VIGNETTE! We get right down to business as Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the Temple and to the BLOOD FEUD GRUDGE STEEL CAGE MATCH that is apparently opening the show! Wow!


Ancient Aztec Medallion Steel Cage Match: They Call Him Cage def. Johnny Mundo

Stray observations: Striker notes that a cage match usually signals the end of a feud. Vampiro says he didn't know that, he just used to use the cage to hurt someone. Interesting to note: there have been two cage matches in Lucha Underground so far and Mundo has been in both of them. The first time, though, he was a babyface.

They Call Him Cage predictably takes control early. Mundo manages to turn the tide and Taya of course gets involved, climbing the cage to whip the other Cage with a belt and allowing Mundo to hit a Spanish Fly that gets a two-count. Mundo gets powerbombed into the cage, but Taya prevents the Machine from climbing out and tosses a kendo stick to Mundo. This leads to a very cool sequence where Mundo dodges a bunch of kendo attacks in succession before being hit with a spear and beaten down.

A discus lariat only gets two as Taya scales the cage with a chair. Mundo blasts They Call Him Cage with a gross chair shot right to the head, but it also only gets a two count. Mundo pauses at the top of the cage, then of course goes for the End of the World off the top and misses. Taya hits a crossbody off the top of the cage and puts the boots to the Machine.

Taya and Mundo team up in earnest and hit a Magic Killer, then both cover They Call Him Cage ... but he still kicks out. Taya pulls handcuffs out of her boots and they attempt to cuff Cage to the bottom rope, but he turns the tables and handcuffs Taya, then dodges an attempted chair shot that puts Taya out of commission. Cage finally lands a Steiner Screwdriver onto a steel chair for the medallion.

What we learned: I think this pretty much puts a definitive end to the Mundo vs. Cage storyline that has lasted a full 14 weeks to open Season 2. It wasn't a bad story by any means and Mundo and Taya really came into their own as world-class heels during this feud, but it was time for it to be done.

This also means that Cage will be in the Gift of the Gods match at Ultima Lucha (or whenever), so he's pretty much going to wreck shop.


And again no vignettes, as we head right into the main event with over half the show left! Holy crap!

BUT WAIT. Just as Melissa Santos is about to announce the first team, Dario Cueto interrupts with some breaking news. He doesn't know the details, but Angélico has had an unfortunate accident. He assures us they will get to the bottom of it, but Angélico has been rushed to the hospital. The match will go on and Ivelisse and Son of Havoc will defend their titles.

He wishes them the best of luck. "They're gonna need it!"

Four- Way Elimination Trios Tournament Final for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship: Prince Puma & El Dragón Azteca Jr. def. Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco & Joey Ryan, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc (c) and Fénix, Jack Evans & PJ Black Rey Mysterio

Stray observations: During entrances, no one at all is impressed with Joey Ryan, even though he has new, SWANK floral print gear. That shit is GLORIOUS. Fénix holds the ropes open for Rey Mysterio and offer a handshake, drawing the ire of his teammates.

Striker points out that the fans now really like Cisco, just before they start a "CISCO" chant. Striker then says the Believers in the Temple are like the fifth man in the match. The match that has eleven people in it.

The four-way format takes a couple minutes to gel, but soon some people get dispatched. The Crew takes over a bit and the lack of random people tagging themselves in makes me think tags are only legal between teammates. That would make sense in this format. Havoc makes a hot tag to Ivelisse, but Ryan baits her into going outside the ring and rams her head into the apron.

That cues the dive train, as Fénix hits a mind-blowing step-up tornillo and Azteca hits something even MORE bonkers. Good lord. Nearly every person in the match makes a dive. Havoc caps it off with a Flying Space Tiger Drop and Ivelisse goes for a dive, but Ryan cuts her off with sleaziness. Ivelisse plants him with a HUGE German Suplex. Castro hits a brainbuster and Ryan demands to be tagged in, but Castro refuses and gets rolled up by Ivelisse, eliminating the Joey Crew.

As Evans' team takes control and Ivelisse plays face in peril, Jack Evans demands that everyone be aware HE is the baddest bitch in the building. God, I love Jack Evans. Ivelisse hits a Code Red on Jack, but while the referee is distracted, THE DAREWORLF reverses the pin and the champs are eliminated. One of these two remaining dream teams will be the new champions!

Fénix and Azteca go head to head and make you want to start a White House petition to see a singles match between the two. Azteca hits his pizza DDT, but Fénix counters a second one with a midair dropkick. Puma hits a Benedryller and 630 on PJ Black, but Evans comes in and hits a low blow on Puma. Evans inadvertently kicks Fénix in the face and Rey Mysterio comes in to clean house.

Rey hits a 619 on Evans, then Azteca hits a Puma-assisted pizza DDT on him, which was unbelievable. Rey finally hits a split-legged moonsault on Evans for the pin and the titles!

What we learned: New champs! Also, we're almost certain to discover that Cueto was behind the injury to Angélico. And Fénix likely has some bones to pick with Evans and Black. BUT WHO CARES LET'S SEE MORE OF DRAGÓN AZTECA JR.


ELSEWHERE, we see Pentagón Jr.'s dojo. Vampiro, the Dark Master, is there in his ropes. He summons Pentagón, who is in a wheelchair after his match against Matanza. Vampiro commands him to get up. Pentagón cannot stand. Vampiro tells him again to get up, then pours wax from a black candle on him. Vampiro screams and falls forward onto his face.

Vampiro tells Pentagón that he is weak and places the candle on the ground next to him. Pentagón looks at the candle angrily as Vampiro leaves.

Well, hell, if you only have time for one vignette this week, you sure made it count, Lucha Underground.


And that'll do it for this week! See you back here again next Wednesday!

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