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Here's the minute or so of Samoa Joe's NXT title win over Finn Bálor WWE is going to show you

When NXT pulled the trigger on a title change at their house show in Lowell, Mass. last Thursday, April 22, the initial excitement was followed by a feeling among loyal watchers of the WWE Network broadcasts from the brand that they'd been deprived a major moment in history.

After all, Samoa Joe's win over Finn Bálor made him only the seventh NXT champion ever. The Irishman's reign had lasted since last July, and was the longest ever.

Reports there were WWE cameras in Lowell, followed by official photos and video clips online, settled things down a bit. Then, promotion for the next episode of NXT on the Network, which aired tonight (April 27) said the match would be shown.

Turns out, we didn't get much more than what we'd already seen online. Sure, it was the company's usual slickly produced package, but it pretty much told us what we were able to piece together from ecstatic Tweets from those lucky enough to be in attendance.

And those Tweets and Instagrams make up a sizeable chunk of the video. The decision to have the change go down in Lowell, and to package it this way, was clearly designed to sell tickets to live shows as NXT increases their touring plans - and drive wrestling fan to WWE's various online outlets.

Mission accomplished, especially considering that many of the viewers outraged they didn't get to see more of the match are wrestling diehards WWE believes it can count on no matter how much or how loudly they complain.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Good business decision, or are you still heated? Or both?

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