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Matanza suffers arm injury at Lucha Underground taping (SPOILERS)

Multiple reports have now made the rounds that current Lucha Underground Champion Matanza suffered an arm injury at the Lucha Underground taping last night (April 23, 2016) in California. He was working a match against Dragon Azteca when he did a planned spot where he punched through a window.

According to, there was a gimmicked window he was supposed to punch but he hit the wrong one and, much like Bill Goldberg in WCW back in the day, cut his arm up. According to the Observer, he cut a vein and that's why there was so much blood.

An ambulance arrived at the taping and fans were held in the building after the taping concluded, presumably as a precautionary measure. The latest report on his condition is that while it was a bad cut, he's going to be okay, though it's unclear if he'll be out for any time.

He seemed to be in good enough spirits:

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