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Rumor Look Back: October 17 - 23, 2015

Welcome to the Rumor Look Back, where we look back at the rumors from six months ago and see how they played out. Let's get right to this week's rumors.

October 17, 2015

Roman Reigns could be next in line to work with Seth Rollins after they finish up their programs with Bray Wyatt and Kane, respectively.

This is correct, even though the program never finished. Reigns won a battle royal to face Rollins at Survivor Series but Rollins got injured prior to their match. But they did start the program to prove that this is correct. (1/1)

Apparently, Lana is the one getting all the heat for the engagement leak since she was the one to post pictures wearing her engagement ring. She’s not happy about the situation. Rusev would only be guilty by association, so if he gets buried on TV, that’s why.

Asides from having to listen to how the Rock performed weird sex acts on his fiancé and not be able to do anything (God, I can’t stand the Rock in WWE any more), he was never really buried.

There is continued talk of "significant changes" when SmackDown moves to USA next year.

While the show is still good and Mauro Ranallo is great, there have been no major changes. (0/1)

Apparently Tyler Breeze was quietly moved up to the main roster.

He debuted on the following SmackDown. Now he’s pretty much enhancement talent. (1/1)

Apparently Nikki Storm will be used by WWE soon.

She was signed and was recently introduced as part of the new class.

October 19, 2015

The Observer notes that today "may be an interesting day for Rusev at Raw." The expectation is he’ll suffer for Lana possibly leaking their engagement to TMZ.

I remember keeping an eye on this as it happened and nothing major happened to Rusev on the show. He was part of a tag with Sheamus and Barrett and their team won. (0/1)

Cameron is apparently already receiving bad reviews in NXT. Apparently people are saying it looks like she doesn’t even want to be there.

She hasn’t been used much at all, but there’s no way of knowing about the truth of this rumor.

Apparently Blue Pants is getting some heat for "not appreciating her spot" in NXT and for an incident during SummerSlam weekend when she got drunk and acted inappropriately in front of WWE corporate employees.

That’s what happens when you get your wrestlers straight from the clearance rack.

There may be a Shane McMahon DVD coming in May.

It don’t think this is happening because usually I can find a pre-sale this close to a release. I see some word (though not sourced) that it had been scratched, but I’ll hold out in case they throw something together really fast in the next month to capitalize on what he’s doing now.

October 20, 2015

The plans for Roman Reigns are for him to win the title at WrestleMania 32. He’ll do so as a babyface. If there’s any turning him heel, it will be after that.

That’s pretty much exactly how it went down. (2/2)

There are apparently actual plans for Tyler Breeze on the main roster, including a new theme and Titantron, lots of merchandise including selfie sticks, and possible a manger in the form of Summer Rae.

So his titantron/theme stayed the same and he had limited merchandise including zero selfie sticks. (He has a total of one shirt at Summer Rae was his manager for a mean 2 months though. (1/3)

Speaking of Summer, she’s said to have a lot of support backstage because of the work she did in the Rusev angle and the fact that she got caught in the fallout of the engagement leak.

While this can’t be confirmed, I’d believe it. They are always trying to find things for her to do, including a possible feud with Sasha Banks soon. She’s pretty good in the ring and does great character work so she definitely deserves it.

At a house show over the weekend, WWE ran an injury angle with Colin Cassady. While initial reports were it was all kayfabe, since he was seen on crutches, word started getting around he had a broken leg.

He did not break his leg. (0/1)

It’s expected that NXT will announce their latest class of signees this week, a class that includes Athena, Biff Busick, and Rich Swann.

I’m usually very particular about rumors with a timetable and it was announced 8 days later. So this is technically incorrect. (0/1)

October 21, 2015

The word going around is that the idea of John Cena doing the US Title open challenge at Hell in a Cell was only decided very recently.

Past rumors may support this. If those rumors were indicative of what WWE was thinking, even if they don’t follow through, then this would make sense. Because no rumors mentioned an open title challenge but instead feuds that would have been built involves opponents such as Dolph Ziggler and Big E.

It’s expected that John Cena’s last day before taking a break will be the Raw after Hell in a Cell so it’s possible he’ll end up losing the title that night instead of the PPV.

Cena was not on the Raw after Hell in a Cell and lost his title at the PPV. (0/1)

James Storm is claiming he didn’t know he was being part of the TNA World Title Series.

I would think they’d know what all these extra matches were being taped that summer were meant for. That being said, this is TNA so maybe they didn’t tell anyone.

October 22, 2015

Both Brock Lesnar and Undertaker will be off TV after Hell in a Cell for the rest of the year, according to the Observer.

Undertaker worked Survivor Series so he was on TV. Brock was not back until 2016. (1/2)

Observer notes that Alberto Del Rio is out of Lucha Underground season 2 and will be back in WWE by WrestleMania 32.

He was back in WWE by the end of the week. Of course he hasn’t been in LU, asides from the sweet "Missing" picture in the police station at the end of last week. (2/2)

While it’s possible that SmackDown can air live on Tuesdays weekly, it’s also possible that they’ll run just a couple live specials after the USA change.

Neither is true. There hasn’t been a live USA SmackDown at all. (0/2)

October 23, 2015

Apparently there’s some talk of Sheamus failing to win the WWE title on his Money in the Bank Cash in, which could be coming soon.

He did end up winning, leaving Sandow and John Cena the honors of being the only men not successfully winning the title. Who knows if this was true and the Rollins injury changed it. (That injury probably changed everything.)

There’s talk of Eric Bischoff and actually Ronda Rousey as Stone Cold Podcast guests on the Network.

Neither has happened (I’ve seen the Bischoff rumor prior.) I’m going to put this in the outstanding column for 6 months.

Speaking of Rousey, there’s at least a possibility she can do something at WrestleMania next year.

She did not. (0/1)

Big Cass is expected to be out for the rest of the year due to his leg injury.

He worked at TakeOver London at the end of the year. Asides from the October rumor, I don’t see anything out there about a Cass leg injury. (How you doin?) (0/1)


This week: 8/20 - 40%

Overall: 773/1475 - 52.4%

Have a great week, everyone.

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