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TMDK are planning a tag team revolution in NXT

Pro Wrestling Noah

Announced last week as part of the latest class of signees heading to WWE's Orlando Performance Center, Australians Michael Nicholls & Shane Veryzer represent a different approach for the Developmental program.

Nichols & Veryzer have over ten years worth of experience as a team prior to joining the biggest wrestling company in the world. And as the first existing tag unit recruited to NXT, The Mighty Don't Kneel (TMDK) are planning to keep on trailblazing. They told as much in a recent Q & A:

NICHOLLS: Obviously, the end goal is the NXT Tag Team Titles. For now, that's the be-all and end-all of why we're here.

VERYZER: Everywhere we've gone, we've started at the bottom. We started in Australia at the bottom, started in Japan at the bottom and we're coming here as fresh faces. We know what we've done before here does matter, but in another sense, it doesn't. So, we have to start at the bottom and work our way up. Like Mikey said, the tag titles are our goal, but our ultimate goal is to main event a TakeOver for the NXT Tag Team Titles. We want to be in the first tag title main event, and if we've got to take a while to get there, then so be it. We want to bring tag team wrestling up and make it what it should be.

NICHOLLS: You wanna talk about the women's wrestling revolution that started in NXT? I think it's about time there's a tag team revolution that starts in NXT. Shane and myself, TMDK, we're ready to start that revolution.

VERYZER: My fist is in the air.

Check out the whole interview for more on TMDK's journey to WWE, their impressions of the PC, NXT's existing tag scenes - including current and former champs American Alpha & The Revival - and more.

Who's raising a fist with The Mighty Don't Kneel for a tag team revolution?

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