Chris Jericho is talking trash about Shinsuke Nakamura on Twitter

Well. There's something I didn't see coming.

Everydad took to Twitter last night to bury Shinsuke Nakamura:


Was it a joke? Is he playing the heel kayfabe, or does Everydad know something the rest of us don't know? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Definitely one to stay tuned for.

Personally, I think Everydad gets heat however he can, and this is probably just a bit of Twitter kayfabe. I mean, this week, he also posted the following:


So maybe all in a bit of good fun? Or is Everydad's mouth writing checks his ass can't cash? :)

Editor's note: There are several reports that Jericho with be Shinsuke's opponent on the July 1 - 2 Japan live shows, with speculation he could be Nakamura's first main roster opponent - possibly as early as SummerSlam. So...

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