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Did WWE move forward the start time of NXT Takeover live event to mess with ROH?

Although this has been speculated on, a more likely scenario seems to be that this was a decision motivated by timing issues when laying out the show, as Apollo Crews vs. "The Drifter" Elias Sampson was turned into a dark match at the last minute.

Mysteriously absent from the WWE Network presentation of NXT Takeover: Dallas.
Mysteriously absent from the WWE Network presentation of NXT Takeover: Dallas.

One of the interesting stories from last night's NXT Takeover live event was how WWE emailed ticket holders in the morning to inform them that the show would be starting 30 minutes earlier than originally scheduled. For those that showed up on time, they saw Apollo Crews defeat "The Drifter" Elias Sampson in a dark match, which had been promoted for the television special itself.

The writers of have speculated that this was done to mess with Ring Of Honor, as it forced many fans who had bought tickets for both shows to leave the ROH event early:

"NXT moved their start time up 30 minutes almost certainly to mess with ROH since the main show is still listed on the WWE Network as starting at 8 PM local time.... While it does interfere with those who want to go to both ROH and NXT, the reality is that ROH sold out and they're doing fine one way or another."

Although WWE were upset when Ring Of Honor released a Kevin Steen action figure whilst he was under contract to them and clearly views ROH as competition to NXT, personally I think the decision to move the start time was unlikely to have been motivated by malicious intent on the part of NXT personnel. A more probable scenario was when they timed out the show, NXT management realised that they couldn't squeeze in all six matches into the two hour, 15 minute window allotted on the WWE Network, which led to starting earlier and making Crews vs. Sampson a special treat for the fans in the arena only.

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