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WWE Raw preview (April 18, 2016): Here stays the money

Shane McMahon on Instagram

Raw brings WWE Superstars together from all over the globe - here's what to expect when the gang gets back together in London's O2 Arena on April 18!

The Headliner

Somebody pinch me. Cause I thought I just read's preview for the show tonight, and it was about Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens, but that can't be right. Even if the Prizefighter and his age-old rival are on the company's flagship show, they'd be stuck in the mid-card being fed to Vince McMahon's latest big man obsession. Right?

If I'm not dreaming, that's definitely what it says. Issues between the two have heated up (if that's even possible considering the nuclear hatred which is their baseline) since KO cost Sami his spot in the #1 contender Fatal 4Way after WrestleMania. On SmackDown, Owens couldn't let Chris Jericho finish the Likeable One on his own, so he left commentary to kick his fellow Quebecer's butt.

That prompted Dean Ambrose to follow him into the fray... something the Lunatic Fringe was itching to do anyway. Ever since Y2J "big timed" last Fall, Dean's wanted a piece of the arrogant veteran. Now that Ambrose has converted the Highlight Reel talk show into the Asylum, Jericho is itching for a fight, too.

So, the preview also mentions Ambrose and Jericho at the top. But mostly Zayn/Owens. Sami Zayn. And. Kevin Owens.

The Title Scene

He's not a good or bad guy, but he is a guy who has to fight AJ Styles for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a couple weeks at Payback. I'd write about how the company might build to that match, but we all know everyone just wants to know how heel-ish Roman Reigns is going to act, and with what the British crowd will respond.

Having successfully negotiated a sponsorship deal for their favorite breakfast product to brand the #1 contender tournament for their tag team titles, the New Day can kick back and watch the semi-finals go down on today's show.

With his lovely wife by his side, Intercontinental champion Miz shouldn't have a care in the world. But Maryse may have neutralized Zack Ryder's dad, but she's gonna have to up her game to deal with the section of people behind the man he'll face on the next pay-per-view (PPV), Cesaro.

Speaking of sidekicks, even world famous psychologist Dr. Phil couldn't get Women's titleist Charlotte to leave her "parent-in-crime" backstage when she met Natalya for the belt last Monday. And it was a good thing, since she tapped to Natty's Sharpshooter, and only Ric Flair's interference saved her reign.

Having been eliminated from the tag tourney, United States champ Kalisto might get back to defending his strap. Maybe against his suddenly black-garded partner, Sin Cara?

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- He was only announced for tomorrow's SmackDown taping, but will Shane McMahon find a way to run Raw for the third week running? We know he's only kayfabe in charge, but we're superstitious, so... please?

- Though she hasn't been able to capture the gold, Emma thinks Becky Lynch has had too many opportunities. The Lasskicker is not in the mood. I think they might fight.

- Poor Bray Wyatt's babyface push is over before it began. He'll come back to bigger pops down the road, though, which is more than Erick Rowan & Braun Strowman have going for them.

- Maybe they can join League of Nations? Kicking Wade Barrett to the curb hasn't changed their fortunes much. Perhaps adding dudes from Swamp country will?

- One week after making a statement against the Usos, will Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows target the tag tournament, or do they have bigger plans?

- Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews are also floating around the Raw scene someplace, although I'm not sure they made the trip to Europe.

- Remember, the show films this afternoon, 'Murica time, so we'll have spoilers for you before the USA Network broadcast... if you want them.

Two shows until Payback!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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