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Nikki Bella is hoping to wrestle this Summer

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Reports regarding the wrestling future of Nikki Bella have been all over the place, but one thing is clear - the woman with the longest ever Divas title reign is a lot more optimistic than other folks who are talking to the dirt screens.

After Nikki herself told the public her recovery from spinal fusion surgery was going great, stories surfaced before WrestleMania that she was told there was no chance she could make a full-time return to the ring. Those reports seem more credible in retrospect, as they also stated that she could not get cleared by doctors to be near the ring when her sister Brie wrestled her farewell match in AT&T Stadium - and, indeed, the twins' moment only came after all the bumps and spots were finished.

In a Facebook video filmed today (April 15) to promote next week's Total Divas season finale, Nikki provided an update on her rehab - which she thinks could lead to an in-ring return in just a couple months:

So as of now I'm hoping to make my comeback in the summer.

In June or July is when I'll get my final CAT Scan on my neck and as long as my bone is fused in my neck that means that I could probably come back and wrestle and I cannot wait. So fingers crossed for me, June or July.

A comeback six months after having vertebrae in the neck screwed together with a steel plate would be John Cena-esque, but working toward a goal is important for recovery and it's good to hear her feeling upbeat.

There's also lots of baby talk from Mrs. Danielson and some joking about whether or not Cena will put a ring on it, cause Total Divas. You can see the full interview below:

Excited for the Fearless One's return? Does her timeframe seem realistic?

Let us know, Bella Army.

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