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Cageside Noise: Tommy Dreamer counts down Top 10 Undertaker moments, does weird Paul Bearer howl

Longtime WWE legend The Undertaker has been in the news quite a bit these past few days (for this) and let's face it, it's only a matter of time before the "Deadman" -- who turned 51 just last month -- calls it a career.

With that in mind, Cageside Noise host and pro wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer counted down his list of 10-best Undertaker "moments." That's a pretty tall order when you consider the breadth of 'Taker's career, as I can probably come up with 100 and still have some left over.

But I don't have a show because nobody cares what I think, which is why I now defer to Dreamer.

Undertaker is just a few days removed from his WrestleMania 32 win over Shane McMahon, which cost Shane-O-Mac the job of General Manager for Monday Night RAW. Well, at least for 24 hours before his father inexplicably reneged and gave him the gig anyway.

Dreamer's take:

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