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Miz calls out LeBron on SportsCenter: 'Some other person needs to bring a championship' to Cleveland

WWE Intercontinental champion the Miz and his lovely wife Maryse were Jonathan Coachman's guests last night on SportsCenter. The Cleveland native and "huge" fan of their professional sports team talked about the upcoming National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs, and the chances mega-star LeBron James has of ending the Ohio city's long championship drought.

After an honest, if homer-ish, assessment of James' Cavaliers team's chances to bring home the Larry O'Brien trophy, Miz slipped into character to tout his own championship record, while still sounding like just about every Cleveland sports fan I've ever met by angrily begging for a title from LeBron or any of their teams:

And I can not wait for them to go to the NBA finals and hoist that trophy up and bring a championship to Cleveland. Because let's face it, I've brought like 13 championships to Cleveland... some other team, some other person needs to bring a championship there. I don't care if it's the Cavs, I don't care if it's the Browns, I don't care if it's the Indians. Somebody else need to bring a championship to Cleveland.

The best part is when he asks his wife to validate his point and Maryse, speaking for every spouse and partner in the world who doesn't understand the love of their life's obsession with adults who wear a certain color jersey while playing games, replies, "sure".

You can also see Coach's "Top Moments' segment below:

As well as Miz and Maryse talking about working together again since the former two-time Divas champion's return last week:

Enjoy, and find out if Miz's promo inspired his beloved Cavs when the Eastern Conference's top seed start their playoff run this weekend.

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