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WWE Raw preview (April 11, 2016): Lights, camera...

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Big stars are headed your way when WWE brings us Raw from the former home of SummerSlam - Los Angeles!

The Headliner

Bouncing back from a loss at his first WrestleMania better than pretty much anyone ever has, AJ Styles is the #1 contender to the WWE World Heavyweight championship held by Roman Reigns. Despite the Phenomenal One's wins in the main events of both Raw and SmackDown last week, a supremely confident Big Dog doesn't seem too worried.

Maybe Roman has good reason to not be sweating the former TNA and New Japan champ. After all, we don't even know who's running tonight's show. Last week's General Manager, Shane McMahon, has had his name thrown around. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were still advertised at the venue as of last week.

Can we be sure Vince won't get upset the show didn't explode around his son last week and declare none of what happened counts? Somebody tell Apollo Crews not to sublet his Orlando apartment...

The Title Scene

The tag division grew considerably last week, and yet there still doesn't appear to be a clear challenge out there for tag champs (and best trio in the world) The New Day.

With his beautiful wife Maryse back by his side and Zack Ryder's rematch clause out of the way, Miz can surely get around to enjoying his fifth Intercontinental title reign in peace, right?

Two of Women's champion Charlotte's potential next challengers defeated Summer Rae last week, but only Natalya (a) isn't stirring up rumors of being possibly injured, (b) stepped to the Nature Girl when she was ego-tripping last Monday and (c) has a godfather in the Hall of Fame who could cancel out Ric Flair, if Natty can just get him to stop ripping the product.

Fresh off a successful defense at Mania, United States titleholder Kalisto went right back to... losing tag matches. This time when Lucha Dragons gave the Vaudevillains a debut win on SmackDown.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- After deciding to not get physical with Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady during their main roster introduction last week, the Realest Guys called the Dudleyz "soft" (no, you don't need to spell it out for me). Something tells me Bubba Ray and D-Von won't take that in stride.

- Shedding what they described as a weak link in King Barrett, Sheamus and the lads were looking to start fresh. But The Wyatts have also decided to turn over a new leaf, starting with League of Nations. What happens when an unvictorious force meets an oft-defeated object?

- On the subject of not winning, Dean Ambrose looks headed to a match with Chris Jericho.

- Finally, Goldust and R-Truth are gonna do the thing tonight. Maybe.

- Kevin Owens really, really, really hates Sami Zayn. The feeling seems to be mutual.

- Cesaro's back! And just as directionless as when he left!

- But don't worry about any of my smart-ass griping. Dr. Phil will be on the show to solve all of our problems. And if that doesn't work, his son will cheer us up with pop songs!

Three shows until Payback!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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