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NXT Takeover Dallas results: Asuka wins women's title from Bayley, who took a nap instead of tapping

The NXT Women's Champion, Bayley, won the title from the vicious Sasha Banks before defending it against all comers as a fighting babyface champion you can't help but get behind. She took on wrestler's of varying styles, both friend and foe alike. But none of them offered what Asuka, her challenger tonight (Fri., April 1, 2016) at NXT Takeover: Dallas, had to offer.

The early story of the match was Bayley simply throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Asuka, including the big top rope hurricanrana, the guillotine she used to put Nia Jax away, and a big dive to the outside despite a bad ankle. None of it was enough to get the pinfall.

Once Asuka came back and got going, she did so with a series of kicks that put a hurting on the champion. Still, Bayley stayed in it.

More than that, she dropped down for a kneebar at one point and started working Asuka's legs. The challenger came back with an armbar that Bayley fought her way out of. They went back-and-forth like this for a time, Bayley showing she could go toe-to-toe, blow-for-blow with her toughest opponent to date.

In the end, Asuka managed to grab the Asuka Lock and while Bayley tried with all her might to fight out of it, she simply couldn't do it. Finally, after a valiant battle, she passed out.

Asuka is your new NXT women's champion.

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