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WWE NXT TakeOver: Dallas full match preview - Bayley vs. Asuka

NXT Championship

Asuka vs. Bayley (c)

NXT's version of John Cena has worked her way past every challenge the brand has put in her path. But she's never faced anything like this.

The Road to TakeOver

As we've discussed with other bouts on this amazing card, there's not a ton of history between these two women.

But there doesn't need to be.

After as compelling a journey as we've seen in pro wrestling in quite some time, Bayley defeated each of the competitors she'd come up with in NXT. She proved she belonged by defeating Sasha Banks in Brooklyn, and proved it wasn't a fluke when she beat her in an Iron Man match which main evented Respect.

Since then, she's pretty much cleared out the division while gaining a reputation as a ring general who can help greener talents like her best friend Carmella or Nia Jax to really good outings. If it wasn't for the stellar job she's done representing NXT, there would likely be more calls for her to appear on the main roster along with the other Four Horsewomen, Banks, Becky Lynch and Divas champ Charlotte.

The one wrestler she hasn't beaten, and who she won't have to carry, is Asuka. Most of the former Kana's WWE career has been spent feuding with Emma & Dana Brooke, a duo consisting of a seasoned hand and a new talent. The Empress of Tomorrow has impressed by routinely beating both women in increasingly violent fashion.

Eva Marie tricked Asuka out of a title opportunity earlier this year, but the Japanese Superstar got revenge in foiling All Red Everything's attack of Carmella and Bayley - a moment she used to make her intentions clear to the champ. After the pair took care of Eva and her friend/muscle Jax, General Manager William Regal revealed it was time to find out who the better woman is.

The prospect of putting her title on the line against a destructive force like Asuka obviously unnerves the champ, but Bayley is not one to back down, or give up. She'll muster her courage and fight - we just have to hope she survives.

What's at Stake?

Like the men's title, the booking here could indicate if one of these ladies is destined to appear on Raw - perhaps as soon as Monday night. The Hugster is the more obvious candidate, given that she has built-in programs with the three top acts on the main roster, and that she's done everything there is to do in NXT.

Asuka has only worked with a few folks on the Florida-based roster, and Vince would probably like her English to be a bit better, but at 34 years old and more than a decade of work and travel on her body, there has to be some thought to seeing if she can get over on Raw and SmackDown as effectively as she has on NXT.

Their future prospects at the next level are so interested because I truly think both women are fine on this brand, win or lose. Bayley is about as beloved as a 21st century babyface can be, and by all types of fans. The charisma and sheer violence Asuka brings will keep her in the main event, title or no, face or heel.

The only potentially damaging thing they could do would be to deliver an unentertaining match. While anything is possible - especially given that their chemistry is an unknown due to how they've been kept apart - it seems extremely unlikely this one won't deliver, and possibly steal the show.

And if it doesn't go on last (which there are no indications it will), Finn Bálor may again find himself in the position of trying to follow a Bayley classic.

Let us know what you think of the build for this match, it's prospects and where it should be on the card, and then be sure to comeback tomorrow to discuss how it went and what's next!

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