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Aztec Blood (a Lucha Underground preview)

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With Aztec Warfare, only two weeks away, it's a big week for Temple mythology.

For one thing, after standing from his throne for the first time in weeks, our champion will head to the ring for his second official match of the year. At his own request, Mil Muertes will place his Lucha Underground title on the line against both former champ Prince Puma and Pentagon, Jr.

Catrina denied Mil this match at the start of episode six, but the man of 1,000 deaths ripped the sling from his arm (broken by Pentagon) and made sure it would happen when he ended the latest contest between Puma and he of cero miedo with a double Flatliner.

Now that his arch-foe Fenix has the Gift of the Gods title back, he'll certainly be demanding the LU championship bout to which holding that belt entitles him. Will that contest be against the man he defeated in Grave Consequences, the disciple of Vampiro, or the silent, jaguar-spirited high-flier?

Those men are certainly tied to the tribal conflict Dario Cueto, Rey Mysterio and Aero Star are either waging or trying to prevent, but what of Marty Martinez? The Moth brags of his Aztec heritage, but so far, all we know is that he's a sexual predator with a female sibling who's scarier than he is.

The Mack didn't like it when he found out Marty'd been tormenting Sexy Star (it's unclear if the South Central wrestler knows the extent of what Sexy's been through since the end of season one), and he probably wasn't crazy to see him cost her a match to Kobra Moon, either. He'll get a chance to get some retribution, and maybe some answers, when they face one another tonight.

And the last time Cage and Johnny Mundo met, Taya debuted and revealed she was aligned with the parkour practicioner. That colorful duo laid waste to the Machine, who will undoubtedly be looking for revenge when they meet again this week. But will he have an answer for their intergender numbers game? If he wants the title shot he's focused on, he better.

Drago's war with Jack Evans may have made him a new enemy in PJ Black, and Chavo Guerrero still has the upper hand in his war with Texano... but he doesn't know one of his crew is a cop.

There's a lot to keep up with.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a phone call to make. I'm trying to get famous.

See you tonight.

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