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Jim Ross to call weird wrestling/boxing/MMA PPV with Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio

Celebrity Theatre

There have been some changes to it since it was announced, but the strange UR Fight pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for Saturday, Mar. 20 in Phoenix does appear to be happening. And it's got another big ex-WWE name attached to it, as Jim Ross has revealed he'll be part of the broadcast team.

The big pro wrestling draw is Rey Mysterio against a hey-you-said-you-were-taking-a-break Kurt Angle. Michael Bisping is also set to "grapple" with Chael Sonnen.

Two other "fights" have been changed. Ken Shamrock was not cleared following his recent outing with Bellator and has been replaced by Tank Abbott for a mixed martial arts bout against Dan Severn. And officials in Arizona would not allow Roy Jones Jr. to box a fan, so he's getting college basketball player and MMA fighter Vyron Phillips instead.

Even JR is playing up the... outlandish nature of the show, in the latest blog entry on his website:

THIS JUST IN..... I will be on the broadcast team for on PPV Sunday March 20 from Phoenix. It's pro wrestling, boxing, MMA and grappling all on one card and all on one PPV. Visit for all the incredulous information. This will be the most outrageous, unpredictable show that I've ever called in all likelihood.

And on Twitter:

Click here to purchase the internet PPV for $11.99, or get information about attending live at the Celebrity Theater.

Anybody in?

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